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Way back in December of 2008, Michael Shorten (ChgoWiz) read the posts of Sham concerning attempts to create a "one page dungeon level key" template, and went on to create the original "One Page Dungeon" template. This was a starting point for the One Page Dungeon Contest itself, which began in the following spring. You can learn more about this directly from ChgoWiz on his blog.


The original 2008 templates can be downloaded here.


"The Classic Redux"

This year, I have created a slightly updated version of the original.

The DOCX version has editable text boxes set over a locked background image.

The PDF version (featured to the right above) is blank. It can be printed out and filled in by hand, or imported as a background image digitally. 


The templates and sample dungeon can be downloaded directly

by clicking the icons in (or below on mobile) the image above.

It is important to note that the use of any of these templates is not required for creating an entry in the contest. They are simply provided as a resource for anyone who wishes to create a "classic" One Page Dungeon.

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