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The 2020 One Page Dungeon Contest results are finally in!!!

winning entries imaage.jpg

This year two entries tied as the highest scoring entries among the judges.

canal city heist.jpg

by Stephen Thompson

the riven tower.jpg

by P. Aaron Potter

The following winning entries are listed beginning with entries that scored the most points across all judges. Entries grouped together in gray boxes received an equal number of points.

Maw of Snails

by Gus L.

Ex Libris Pendyl

by Cheryn Rapp and Brandon Dingess

Are You Smarter Than a Kobold?

by Vincent Raitt

Orokoa, The Isle of Blood

by Grant Lambe and Adam Chafe

The Barrow

by Shawn P. Conlin

Mystery of the Moon Monolith

by Matt Farleo

Shipwrecked in the Weird Sea

by pencilsanddungeons

The Planeshifted Insectarium of St. Tindalonius

by Stefan "The Moth"

A City of Philosophers With Clubs

by Khelren

Old School Revival

by Steve Kilian

The Temple of Stone and Slime

by Steve Leske

Storm Season in Wyrm's End

by Gregor Belogour

The True Dungeon is the Friends You Made Along the Way

by Thomas Manuel

The Trojan Pig

by Glynn Seal

Operation All-Seeing Eye

by Jeremy DS Marshall

Infinite Tower or Irenic

by Larry Z. Pennyworth

Terror on the Arkham Express

by Eshan Mitra

Sanctum of the Dead

by Peter and Lawrence van der Merwe

Stranger Games and the

Twilight of the Slayers

by Karis M. Jones and Nate Scott Jones

Demon Heart of the Death Tree

by Jaime Nieves

The Cursed Brewery of

Brickbeard the Brilliant

by Adam Chafe

Springtime in Shadows

by Jeffry Smith

The -Bun-Geon

by Liam "Bordercholly" Murphy

D20 to Life

by Alex Macey, John Armstrong and Matt Gapen

Dream of the Dragon

by André Tavares

Steal the Walking Tower

by Ed Nicholson

Escape the Prison Airship!

by Amina Omari and Ken Christopher Hill

In Their Element

by Peter Endean

honorable mentions.jpg

The following entries were among the judges' picks and are presented in alphabetical order by title.

Beseeching the Sage of Amethyst Peak

by Yusef  Shari'ati

Bigshroom Burrow

by Red Svinya

Dungeon of Bawk Bawk

by Ramsey Hong


by Brenden Day

Flight to the City of Refuge

by Ray Pompon

Gastropodia: A Morel Dilemma

by Brian C. Rideout

Lest These Dark Energies Devour Us All

by Roane Beard

Missing in Milwood

by Bodie H.

Murder at Otranto Manor

by Ben Speed

Out of Time!

by Simon Menanteau-Ledouble

Rubik's Cube Random Dungeon

by Goblin's Henchman

Star Grotto Caverns

by Jennevieve Schlemmer

Tabernacle of the Toad Men

by Luke E. Dodd

The Ancient Museum

by Robin Gibson

The Archon Mines

by Alex Damanceno

The Slime of Magi Bonvai

by Caelum Roberts

Tonight, We Kill the Beast!

by Chance Dudinack

Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to all the winners in the 2020 One Page Dungeon Contest. Also, thanks to everyone for their patience during these surreal times.

The 2021 One Page Dungeon Contest will open in June, with a submission Deadline of July 15th.

Stay safe and take care of

yourselves and each other.



The 2020 Judges Panel


Rowan, Rook & Decard have generously provided a PDF copy of

Heart: The City Beneath RPG, the Quickstart Rules, Digital Map Pack

the Sanctum and Vermissian Black Ops source books as well as Doors to Elsewhere and Burned and Broken (both scheduled for release in July)!


Johnn Four is sponsoring an online enrollment in his Adventure Building Workshop as well as his Faster Combat Course!


Modiphius Entertainment is sponsoring Five £20 Vouchers

for use in their online store!


Karl Stjernberg (@skullfungus) is sponsoring PDF editions of 

Down and Out in Dredgeburg for the top three entries!

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Green Ronin Publishing is sponsoring a PDF edition of their

Fantasy Age Basic Rulebook, Modern Age Basic Rulebook, and

Mutants & Masterminds Deluxe Hero's Handbook!


Necrotic Gnome is sponsoring 10 PDF copies of the

Old School Essentials Rules Tome and 3 PRINT copies

of The Hole in the Oak adventure!

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Highland Paranormal Society is sponsoring a PDF copy of The Astral Curse of the Iron Gnomes and The Primeval Holt of the Elk Lord!

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Chaosium Inc. is sponsoring three PDF copies of

their Call of Cthulhu Starter Set!


R. Talsorian Games is sponsoring a PDF copy of The Witcher Pen & Paper RPG, the Lords & Lands expansion, and A Witcher's Journal for the overall winning entry. 

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Shattered Pike Studio is sponsoring a PDF copy of the One Page Dungeon Compendium 2020 Edition, The Wasted Hack RPG, and The Lost Scrolls of Jan-Tors Sply adventure to EVERYONE who enters the contest, and a copy of

"Enchanted Arms" for all winning entry creators!


$1000 to be distributed via Paypal, split among the top

winning entries. The amount distributed to top winning entries and

total number of entries receiving a portion of the prize will be

determined by the overall number of winning entries.


A slightly updated version of the "Classic One Page Dungeon Template" by ChgoWiz (the one that started it all) is now available in DOCX and PDF formats.

Click the image above to grab the templates and sample dungeon.

 ***The use of this template is not required for your entry***  


Below are the 2020 One Page Dungeon Contest entries, listed in the order they were received.

Pithikos  "Heisting the Skyvault"

Players are gathered by the mysterious Mr. Premise for a Heist. Mr. Premise knows of a flying vault that holds something that he wants...

William James Cuffe  "Endless Blue: The Price of Progress"

A hag threatens to kill a tribe that is strip-mining in her valley. Stuck between them, the party must resolve things before it is too late.

Ian Kinkley  "The Hallowed Halls of the Barbarian King"

Seek adventure in the ensorcelled tomb of Golthar, the greatest barbarian to ever draw breath in

this world.

Jeff Dare  "Prof. Filbert's Flying Laboratory"

The only place the professor could complete his arcane experiments was his flying laboratory! The system of floating labs is interconnected with slippery walkways, and guarded by a giant griffin.

Jeffry Smith  "Springtime in Shadows"

The party must rescue Vanara, a spy who has important intel on the madman who recently usurped the  throne. You must spring Vanara and get her to the safehouse before she is taken aboard the transport boat and disappears...While there is gold to be had, the real treasure is the potential freedom for the subjects of the land...

JR Franck  "Procedural PolyHedron Prison"

The USERS find themselves ripped from the net into a mysterious polyhedron prison that constructs itself. Can they find the ARCHITECT and escape?

Yevor  "Shrine of the Slithering Mage"

Seek out the prophecies raved by the ancient Worm-Sage in his dilapidated monastery, and contend with its monstrous conquerors!

Brine  "A Debt for the Dead"

On the western slopes of the Perigosa Mountains, deep within a hidden cavern, lies a natural hot spring whose waters are to die for...

Grant Williams  "Bingo's Fun House"

Bingo the Clown is a carney who enjoys putting adventurers of all sizes to the test in his traveling

Fun House!

Ed Nicholson  "Steal the Walking Tower"

Stealing the tower should be no problem, just find the secret controls, defeat the guards, activate the mechanical legs and run away!

Stephen Thompson  "Canal City Heist"

It's a simple enough job - you've been hired to steal a shady entrepreneur's mysterious metal box. But what happens when EVERYONE wants it?

Ben Rosenthal  "The Flooded Factory"

A mage's lab has been stuck in a loop of mutation and decay for hundreds of years. A mutant cult has risen and the cycle must be broken.

Etani A. M. di Properzio  "The Lair of the Fire Witch"

The Lair of the FIre Witch can be discovered by adventurers 100 clicks away from civilization, deep in the scorching desert. Most intruders that far into the desert are likely to die from heat stroke or dehydration...Those who seek the Lair of the Fire Witch are consigning their souls to damnation.

DICEBRO  "The Dungeons of Neraz: Level One"

The oddball wizard "Neraz" has constructed many underground dungeons where he stores his stolen treasures. The party has found one.

Ben Foster  "Sentient Limbs of the World, Unite!"

A shambling, crawling terror of sentient, revolutionary limbs lurks in the dark and bloody caves; plotting its revenge against the Bodied Class.

Julio F. Tassinari  "The Rescue of Dr. Mori"

A group of mercenaries is hired to rescue a very important prisoner from a highly armed spaceship.

Brent Barnett  "Razor Edge"

A mystical gem transports your group to the radical flying sword starship "Razor Edge". Now you must compete in an epic battle of the bands.

P. Aaron Potter  "The Riven Tower"

Netherspire's ruins cling precariously to steep canyon cliffs. Secrets of conjuration and banishment yet hid within. Bring plenty of rope.

Robin Gibson  "The Ancient Museum"

A bandit lair, a magical orrery, reanimated dinosaur skeletons, and a murderous mummy with an artistic bent. Also includes 4 loot tables.

Ken Moore  "The Garden of Blood and Ivory"

They say there's an elephant's graveyard in a garden oasis, with enough ivory to fill a caravan of wagons. And they say to be away by dusk.

Ray Pompon  "Flight to the City of Refuge"

A pointcrawl: You've broken the law and must flee to the City of Refuge before the king's enforcers

catch up.

David Arehart  "The Well Wisher"

The town has fallen on hard times and the demonic source of its troubles can be found at the bottom of the old well.

Vincent Bettenfeld  "Lord Caldrich's Manor"

A young aristocrat goes missing. His old mansion is sinister, and the tapestry on its walls holds secrets untouched since the Dark Age.

Spidfire  "Nighingale"

The story of the nightingale is based around an artifact that can heal the user. This artifact has been hidden in a dungeon after a battle.

James Reavis and Todd Richardson  "Planar Paintball Fight"

A multiplaner magical experiment has gone haywire. Hunt down the monsters and splatter them with astral fluid to banish them away!

Jaime Nieves  "The Demon Heart of the Death Tree"

A Cursed order of druids is bringing the Heart of Yad, deep within the Ancestral Tree, back to life, and the whole forest is dying.

Philipp Hajek  "The Vacant Chateaux"

Hobgoblins have been attacking merchants and farmsteads. Their hideout a vacant chateaux.

Brendan Day  "Epitaph"

Ossla is dead. Her last wish was to be buried atop a mountain in her homeland, but the dead find no peace in this troubled kingdom.

Alex Welk  "Heroes and Minions"

The dark soul of a dungeon awaits its new prey. Rouse heroic spirits to fight its endless minions long enough to shatter its crystal heart.

Cardboard  "Ungle-Wold's Beach"

Deep in a hole in the ground, there lives a gnome who REALLY loves vacation, dinner parties, and oddities. Not all dinner parties end well.

Tom Walker  "The Hexwastes"

Save or die slipping from the precarious obsidian hexagonal walkways of The Hexwastes.

QuickPhix  "The Heist at Button's Bank"

This won't be a normal heist; you've planned for this all your life. You'll be so rich; the bards will sing of  your Heist at Button's Bank!

Karis M. Jones & Nate Scott Jones "Stranger Games and the Twilight of the Slayers"

In this YA-fiction-themed campaign, you will generate dateable NPCs based on popular archetypes to help you save your town from destruction!

Keith 'indi' Salamunia "The Curse of the Goblin Tomb"

Goblins have been stealing livestock and you have been hired to deal with the raiders. The trail has led yo to an abandoned church outside of town.

Tony Garcia  "Dimensional Den"

A place lost in the magic portals...Try to find Ulter's legendary treasure by travelling through portals in search of a great reward!

Sellsword Games  "Vault of the Gargoyle Mage"

A vault has lain hidden in the ground for eons, magically sealed and locked until recently nearby livestock have gone missing. The local baron and constabulary have sought help in breaching the vault... Inside, a mysterious being awaits, having been left behind for so long , he has forgotten his own name.

Luke Le Moignan  "Adrist in Time"

Welcome aboard! Sickbags are beneath your seat, Causality Terrorist Dinosaurs are outside the door, and you can never go home again!

Roger SG Sorolla  "Stela Obliterata"

Visit the tombs of four ancient personages whose names were chiselled out of history for horrific crimes! A mid-level desert mini-campaign.

Eshan Mitra  "Terror on the Arkham Express"

A train ride goes awry thanks to a cult worshipping the elder god of darkness, Yth'hawal. But which of the passengers are cultists?

Isteria  "The Maw That Swallows"

Following rumours of strange walking fish stealing supplies from the nearby settlement has led you to a cave called "The Shark's Jaws"

Jacob Cordeiro  "Bug Rapport"

A replayable dungeon tied together by an open-ended programming puzzle. The players visit three infested radio towers on a remote mountain.

Carlos Martins  "Welcome to Dying"

What happens when a PC dies? Meet the Dark Mistress and play this dungeon to find out...

Telmo Leal  "Temple of the Rose"

After the rose dried up, the myth of a temple grew.

Adam C. Hawkins  "The Cheese Thugs"

Adventurers need to root out bandits hiding out in an abandoned cheese shop, but they may be in for more than they expected.  Something smells foul.

Vincent Raitt  "Are You Smarter Than a Kobold?"

The Kobolds have found a way through this trap-filled sanctuary to the treasure left behind. Are the heroes smart enough to follow it?

Steve Kilian  "Old School Revival"

The dead are not staying down at the Voorlarian Institute for Applied Thaumaturgy…

Paul Compton  "The Mechanus Lock"

The party must pick a lock - from the inside! 

Thomas Manuel  "The True Dungeon Is The

Friends You Made Along The Way"

Like Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None but a dungeon. Mostly an excuse to eat pizza.

Sarah Brunt, D.M. Wilson, and Chris Downey  "Bound for Glory"

In this heavenly train heist, you and your teen angel pals attempt to kidnap the mascot of your demonic counterparts from Infernal College.

D. A. Anderson  "Effishy"

There's something fishy happening in that cave," they tell you. "Ever since the cleric went and hid down there, it ain't been quiet since.

Simon Forster  "The Wailing Manticore"

The Cave lies high up the slope of a craggy mountain, rumoured to be the lair of a flying monster that steals shiny trinkets from passing merchants. Recently, a wailing howl has been heard coming from the cave, and local merchants want it to stop, for it is affecting their business.

Sam C.  "The Day of Fools"

Muddrick, a wizard’s apprentice, cast a Reverse Authority spell, and now the whole town’s gone a bit off. Can the PCs reverse the spell? 

Skerples and Isaac Williams  "Sutter Cane's Perilous Peninsula"

It’s always late fall. The soundtrack is VHS-warped. Somehow, you’re stuck here until you’ve figured out What’s Going On and something explodes.

Jeff McKelley  "The Taxman Cometh"

A local mage is reluctant to pay her taxes and has barricaded herself in her underground lab, setting defenses against unwelcome tax collectors. Can the party work their way through her lair and make

her pay?

Adam Lee  "The Lost Ship of Barotok"

The Lost Ship of Barotok is an adventure that challenges player expectations, hidden solutions,

and mystery.

Jennevieve Schlemmer  "Star Grotto Caverns"

Centuries ago, a notorious assassin, THE DUCHESS, was poisoned by her most ardent foe. She fled to her space base and died...or did she?

Johnathan L Bingham  "Necropolis of Storr"

Haluman the Ineffable failed his bid for immortality becoming a reverse lich. Imbued with a necrotic energy, you must stop him and prevent the necrotic singularity.

Shane R  Collins  "Ancient Evil in Oakvale"

In this survival horror adventure, the party returns to town only to find everyone vanished. They hear strange noises, discover dead bodies that disappear moments later, and strange messages scrawled in blood. They begin to realize they are being hunted by an ancient evil that has slept for centuries and awakened hungry.

Peter Humburg  "Temple of the Drowning God"

Pirates have taken up residence in the ruins of an old temple. Can you escape with their treasure before an ancient evil awakes?

Alan Kitchen  "Orrery of Percipience"

Into the mind of an alchemist and scholar of the esoteric. Strange, dangerous, cosmic, you may be left with permanent repercussions.

Goblin's Henchman  "Rubik's Cube Random Dungeon"

The six faces of a Rubik's Cube generates six aspects of each dungeon location.

Sean Eyre  "In the Home of Arad Tur-gon, Animator"

(Re)animator Tur-gon kicked the bucket and took his necromantic amulet with him. If you’re gonna be Thieves’ Guild, ya gotta get thieving.

Jenna Shively and Nick Franco  "Go Big or Go Home"

The giant Vlorog lies dead below his floating castle and his treasure is yours! But you're not the only ones after the loot and the castle isn't as empty as you think...

Liam 'Bordercholly' Murphy  "The -Bun- Geon"

A necromancer, a cave, a cliff-top ritual, some sweet treasure, and a bunny demon. Or is it a duck? No it’s definitely a bunny.

Andrey Plisko  "The Shard of Eternity"

A band of brave adventurers crossed the doomed wasteland to reach the only tower survived the

gigantic explosion. They are here to find the powerful artifact able to protect its holder even from the wrath of the gods.

Brian C. Rideout  "Gastropodia: A Morel Dilemma"

The giant undead snail Gastropodia is home to callous 1" tall mushroom necromancers. Now that they are stranded by a tangleweed, can they be reasoned with, or will the forest be overrun by tiny zombies?

Linden Ross  "Horse Fort"

You catch a woman on all fours eating grass. She runs away and you follow her into the HORSE FORT: bewitched men, real horses, and a green marble horse god.

Vance Atkins  "Eggs for Breznac"

n RPG podcaster recently stated, "It's not old-school if there isn't a random fungus table." There are also goblins. And a dragon.

Simone Tammetta  "The Chronomancer"

Time passes, time stands still, time rewinds: in this madness, the Chronomancer sees the end of all things, desperately waiting to be freed.

Bruno Bord  "The Caffeinated Temple"

A strange cult has appeared nearby. Their worshippers consume a strange hot brown beverage, turning them into shaky maniacs. Can you safely return from their weirdly-shaped temple with valuable artefacts
or their deepest secrets?

Joshua Hudson  "The Dancer's Cold Revenge"

Chips shoot out of the old board as the magistrate drives a tack through the parchment. A boy runs up to look and shouts, “It’s a girl!”

Grant Lambe and Adam Chafe  "Orokoa, the Isle of Blood"

Castaways on a mysterious island. Caught between factions on the brink of war. A sinister plot simmers below the surface! Can they survive... OROKOA, the isle of blood?!

Amina Omari and Ken Christopher Hill  "Escape the Prison Airship!"

Unjustly imprisoned on the prison airship HMS Mercy, the party must battle, free captives, and escape before the ship falls out of the sky.

Matt Murray  "The Tomb of Ser Brucius"

A wicked cult has desecrated the tomb of a legendary paladin and plan to summon a Fire Elemental that will destroy the town!

Sam Parrish and Lilith Wozniak  "Don't Fear The Reaper"

Siegfried Mercy. Legendary necromancer. History's greatest monster. Bring him to justice on an island of magitek and shifting alliances.

Samuele Feula  "The Wizard's Tower"

A huge tower in the middle of a desolate plain, a precious treasures inside, a magician who watches

over them.

Buddy Caperton  "The Lair of the Hide-Ra"

The lair of the Hide-Ra is trap infested and deadly. Will players survive long enough to battle the hide-ra…Only time will tell.

Ben Chaplin  "A Very Annoying Seagull"

A nobleman requests the return of his ring, taken to the top of the tallest tree by a giant magic seagull. But what else is in that tree?

Francesco Pauzzi  "Heist at the Dragonslayers' Museum"

The dragon slayers made this museum to get rich, but will they manage to protect it? Are you a dragon slayer or a thief? Do you aim a museum piece or just its earnings of the day? In either case, the museum is the place for you!

pencilsanddungeons  "Shipwrecked in the Weird Sea"

You awake in the middle of the night, strange noises coming from the upper decks. Has the captain pushed too far into the Weird Sea? 

Iacopo Maffi and Simone Tammetta "The Rockwell Inn"

Back in the days the Rockwell Inn was a miserable shack then war and winter took their share. Tonight the worst war offals will meet there.

Jason Ermer  "Lost Loot of Börgunn the Bonebreaker"

Our heroes seek the lost treasure vault of a legendary hill giant warlord. Bad news: it has already been found by a gold-eating troll.

Peter Endean  "In Their Element"

Gnolls and jackals started harrying local villages from a newly uncovered cave, but what other secrets can be found buried deeper within?

Gregor Belogour  "Storm Season in Wyrm’s End"

The town of Wyrm’s End is facing a grave situation: the dead are rising following the October storms, and nobody knows the cause.

Red Svinya  "Bigshroom Burrow"

Ousted by a party of adventurers, a goblin tribe seeks your help in reclaiming their burrow.

Kyle Currie  "Isle of the Entilles"

The Isle of the Entilles hosts a strange culture and creatures. Their origin is stranger still, buried in the heart of their sacred Tree.

Peter and Lawrence van der Merwe  "Sanctum of the Dead"

Representatives of a nearby village request aid from the PCs. A cult has moved into the ruins of a temple near their village. They are offering a modest reward for their removal. Also, the retrieval of the hunters kidnapped by the cultists.

Larry Z. Pennyworth  "Infinite Tower of Irenic"

Priestess Irenic has locked you in her tower and solving riddles is the
only way out.

Luke E. Dodd  "Tabernacle of the Toad Men"

A season of rain has turned the Borderlands into a sodden mess. Weird smoke from the fens to the south hint at the source.

Cheryn Rapp and Brandon Dingess  "Ex Libris Pendyl"

Venture through illuminated riddles, puzzles, and monstrous encounters to escape the grip of a

magical book.

Gus L.  "Maw of Snails"

Beyond the dry hills, under a doleful moon, ancient diggings full of lost wealth and arcane pollution vomit forth spiral shelled oddities.

Matt Farleo  "Mystery of the Moon Monolith"

A lunar mining expedition uncovered a monolith on the dark side of the moon - your team has been sent to uncover its mysteries.

Caroline Berg  "The Citadel of the Wandering Stars"

Long ago a mad wizard trapped a constellation within a great citadel. The stars, desperate to get free, wander the halls filled with fury.

Robert Standridge Jr.  "Devil's Bay"

You are approached by a ghastly man begging, ‘save them…’, he forces a map into your hands. As he collapses, shadows cackle with glee.

Caelum Roberts  "The Slime of Magi Bonvai"

Refugees are turning into slime cannibals. What is that wizard up to?  A Space Mutant Fantasy Adventure with robots, slime, space wizards, and dinner guests.

xattttta  "Asylum after massacre"

The ghost of a kitten asks different people to calm the hecatomb left after the massacre in a

psychiatric clinic.

Nic Haddrick  "Under Snowy Mountain"

The adventurers delve under Snowy mountain to discover dwarven mysteries and fight the evil bat-lings that lurk there! 

Glynn Seal  "The Trojan Pig"

Uncovered by the harsh desert winds, a giant porcine form of gold emerges from its silica slumber. Created as an elaborate ruse, the golden pig is an automaton intended to lure an enemy king into allowing a 'gift from the gods'-in the form of a revered animal-into their city...

Giuliano Pereira  "The Bunker"

Long lost bunker. The world's most valuable painting at the bottom. It will be open for 3 hours. Go get it.

Warklegnaw  "Sunnalee Cavern"

A fantastical, alternate-reality take on the Linville Caverns of North Carolina featuring magic water, cave coral, and a giant crayfish.

Jason Cook  "Digging for the Dead"

The small mining town of Coppersprings has not missed sending ore to the capital until a month ago. Now someone needs to find out why.

Nicholas Bond  "Dragon Cleanout"

A red dragon hires the party to clean its lair.

Idiomdrottning  "Instant Blorb"

Look for a ring in a well while dodging fuss, haps and small town crime.

Marcus Mortati  "Den of the Riddle"

An ancient tomb that keeps the remains of the cursed royal couple and their treasure, guarded by their faithful sphinx.

J. A. Kordosh  "My Friend's A Monster"

At the behest of bold Lady Fallo, the party explores a crazed wizard’s subterranean workshop. A vicious, magic-eating creature awaits them!

Jordan Breneisen, Christian Goble, and Scott DeLong  "Family Feud"

Here we have a simple mystery: two farmer families are about to go at it, but could someone else be behind their tempers?

Stefan 'The Moth'  "The Planeshifted Insectarium of St. Tindalonius"

One of the gates leading to the long-lost Insectarium is finally open. Does it still hold the obscure knowledge and treasure which you seek?

John Earegood "The King's Crypt"

The King's Crypt is full of riches and dangerous peril. Many have been lost searching the corridors never to be heard from again. Adventure will be found behind every door and around every corner.......or is that death! The only way to find out is to enter........THE KING'S CRYPT.

Anton L.  "The Capsule From Beyond"

A silvery capsule unceremoniously ripped a hole in space and landed in your world. What now, but to explore it!

Jeremy DS Marshall "Operation All-Seeing Eye"

The client provided our target, research facility schematics, and a promised payday big enough to make our mouths water.  Now, we have to pull off the heist.

L. R. Ambrose and Heather Charters "Fen"

So, you have found yourselves in the Fen. Keep to the narroways and, when the mists thicken, do your best to find higher ground.

André Tavares "Dream of the Dragon"

There is a Dragon deeply lost in their greed that they hid their treasure in a dream. Will you find the treasure or be lost forever?

Nadat al-Sari and the Dusty Boys "The Crawling Ten City of the Camel Men"

A tent city of dubious nature sits atop a slowly-moving carpet. Camel men tempt passers-by to sample the wares in the tents and in the camel mens’ gas-filled humps. 

Jess and Matt C. "Freedom Beyond the Bayou"

The bayou is a place where the dead may go. If one finds themselves here, it is not the end; a journey can be made to find a second chance.

Ralph Glatt "And so it Begins"

The King has hired a group of adventurers to investigate the disappearance of some people in one of the smaller villages. This is an introductory adventure for beginning players.

Steve Leske "The Temple of Stone & Slime"

A temple full of oozes? And elementals? And DANGER!? Yes, yes, and yes — But wait, there’s more! There are also a pair of cool glasses, a chance to change your character’s very molecular structure, and a butt-load of treasure! Click here to order now!

Roane Beard "Lest These Dark Energies Devour Us All"

A possessed necromancer has torn the veil between worlds, flooding the land with necrotic death. A hexcrawl in a poisoned land.

Jeremiah Rose "The Crying Cricket Tavern"

An odd little goblin bar with a couple of secrets.

Lina (12), Hendrick (10) and  Joaquín (8) "Mountain Dungeon"

The dungeon is in a mountain and you have to escape. There is only one way out.

Bob Horrors and Joakim Andersson  "A Slow Walk Through Space"

Bob has drawn some space, as he does. I keyed out the planets, as I do. Let us take your party on a slow walk through space.

save.vs. stozilla (Chris Stoesz and Alex Stoesz)   

"Glyde's Gregarious Garden Gnomes in the Gargantuan Gauntlet"

Mad wizard Glyde lost his marbles in a maze, stuffed with garden gnomes and mushroom terrors. Find the marbles and escape with your sanity!

Alex Damaceno "The Archon Mines"

One of the many crystal mines left behind by the fallen Archon Empire. The place is sealed and believed to be cursed by nearby populations.  

Pyry Qvick "Dungeon of the Unlucky"

"Only the unlucky shall pass" is engraved on the floor...

Bodie H. "Missing in Milwood"

Miss Elle has disappeared from her house in Milwood! The adventurers are called in to look for clues and solve the mystery of Missing Miss Elle in Milwood.

Ramsey Hong "Dungeon of Bawk Bawk"

Bawk bawk bad wizard bawk takeover bawk bawk dungeon! Bawk help bawk bawk defeat bawk Vunger! Bawk bawk find bawk way bawk home! Bakawk!

Yeomsley "A Cluck in Time"

While passing through a small village the party is inadvertently caught in a time loop! A silly adventure for low to mid level parties.

Ben Speed "Murder at Otranto Manor"

A mystery set in a maximalist mini-sandbox inspired by Horace Walpole's gothic horror classic, The Castle of Otranto.

Chance Dudinack "Tonight, We Kill the Beast!"

A level 0 funnel in which angry villagers kill a murderous monster. Grab your pitchforks and your torches! Tonight, we kill the beast!

Adam Chafe "The Cursed Brewery of Brickbeard the Brilliant"

Brickbeard was the greatest dwarven brewer of his generation, but something happened fifty years ago tonight and the brewery was boarded up. Some say Brickbeard left treasure behind. Some say his spirit still wanders the grounds...

Miguel Rivera "Ufelmia's Membership Fee"

Ufelmia the Tinkerer has been swindling the Artificer's Guild for far too long. Enter her perilous tower and retrieve her membership fee!

Lungfungus "Feast Hall of the Ireifyug"

Ages ago the warlord Ireifyug stole away children to roast and eat. Do you dare delve into the ruins of

his feast-hall?

Carlos Pascual Torres "Dwarf Fort"

Adventurers join a group of dwarves building their fortress in the mountain. They get hired to clean the area because there are rumors about an ancient collapsed dungeon inside the mound that they may find while digging.

Marianne van der Werf  "Croaking & Soaking"

Tired of sharing your ponds with noisy ducks? Want to get away from those wicked herons? Join us at Croaking & Soaking, the frog-only bathhouse! 

Jim Gies  "The Dam(ned) Lodge of the Beaver Draculas"

Beneath the hulking dam lies a lodge of bloodthirsty Beaver Draculas.  Do you dare venture into their nest of terror to unseal their magics?

Spenser Dawdy  "Tower of the Crystal Appendages"

Strange rumors of a crystalline man at war with his own body and of the malicious intent they harbor for the world emanate from the country around an ancient tower.

Theo Olsen  "A Ruined Crypt"

The party stumbles upon a curious archway. What encounters lie within?

Maykel dos Santos Braz  "Mansion of the Endless Pleasures"

A simple rescue mission takes unexpected proportions. Will luck and willpower alone be suffice to resist the deadly charms of Ehpsh Mansion?

Yusef Shari'ati  "Beseeching the Sage of Amethyst Peak"

The prince is poisoned! Wend the pilgrim-way, scale the Holy Mountain, and beseech the wise sage for his ken the cure! You have three days.

Rodrigo Vega  "The Wheel of Fortune"

A wandering transfer station skimming on the edge of navigable space. One Page Replayable

Sci-Fi Dungeon.

Alex Macey, John Armstrong, and Matt Gapen  "D20 To Life"

In the Forgettable Domains justice system, hero-based offenses are considered especially heinous...

Steve Walsh  "The Dirigible of Birtome Corveedus"

Birtome Corveedus has arrived in the city aboard his rickety dirigible The Cloud Skipper. It's quite the marvel! He has brought with him a coterie of nobles from far away lands who revel all day and night as the airship circles the skies...

Dylan Barker  "Etina's Labyrinth"

Walking the God Etina’s labyrinth was both a privilege and an ordeal. It has now fallen into neglect and bandits have made it their home.

James Hirst  "The Temple of Queen Nebthet"

The mistress of this house knew you were coming--her disdain is evident.  Why have you dared to approach?  Are you willing to pay the price?

Johnathan Castle and Matt Henderson  "The Terrible Island of Dr. Weir"

A crew down on their luck investigate the disturbing disturbances of a recently discovered island.

Khelren  "A City of Philosophers With Clubs"

The city holds a metaphysical battle that could lead to its displacement to another plane of existence. How the PCs will influence it?

Max White  "The Trials of the Thief King"

In ages past, Tutbas the Thief King spent his hoards to construct a series of 10 trials to test the guile of those who would rob his tomb.

Mike Green, Anderson Todd, and Magic Man  "Area Fifty-One-Geon"

In the hills near the village, on solstice night, a star fell. On the horizon rose a plume of flame and smoke. The kingdom dispatched a royal expedition of soldiers and sages to investigate, and began secretive construction. However, communication has ceased, dispatched scouts have not returned...

Simon Menanteau-Ledouble  "Out of Time!"

The characters have to jump back and forth through time as to explore this dungeon and find its secrets.

Michael Raston  "The Insightful Rot of The Tumorous Manse"

A secretive cult of holy assassins has taken their experiments too far. Now, another world is creeping into once stable reality. The fleshweed is hungry.

Dunder Moose  "Night at the Mausoleum"

Hag Jenny Splitgut owes a Lich a solid, so she negotiates to break the adventurer’s curse, if they restock its Mausoleum before sunrise.

Michael Harmon and Bill Innis  "Tomb of Immolation"

Over a millenia ago, a now-forgotten necromancer-priest named Anocharun spent his days researching forbidden embalming and mummification rituals and methods. Once his heretical research was discovered by his fellow priests, he was murdered and embalmed using his forbidden methods...

Shawn P. Conlin  "The Barrow"

The ancient barrow of Coross, a cult leader, lies almost forgotten among the forest and hills near town. Rumors tell of riches and power associated with the cult but none dare seek it out except for a scholar, who has recently disappeared...

Lone Archivist Press  "The Orrery Beyond the Edge of Space"

A derelict space station in a quadrant of space where light does not reach has been identified as the source of disappearing worlds.

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