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Logo for the One Page Dungeon Contest. Over 60 creators submitted entries designed for use with your favorite RPG

One Page Dungeon Contest 2016


The votes are in and the winners have been determined!


Alex Welk



Michael Prescott

Mike Shea

PJ Cunningham

Tim McDonald

Will Doyle


Andrew Harshman


Caleb Engelke

Daniel Baldwin

Eric Diaz

Gary Simpson

Monkey Blood Design

Jeff Call

Jeff McKelley

Joseph Reilly

Larry Z Pennyworth

Martin Zabel

Michael K Tumey

Mike Monaco

Ramsey Hong

Roger SG Sorolla

Rusty Gerard

Santiago Bourquin

Scott Marcley

Vance Atkins


David Jackson                                      

Luis Franco                                          

Nick Daly                                              

Frank Schmidt                 

Mike Monaco                     

Michael Tumey                         

Daniel Baldwin                        


Ed Nicholson                    

Ken Moore                       

Jeff McKelley                     

Eric Diaz                         

Ramsey Hong                

Ben Gibson                         

Ivan Katyurgin               

PJ Cunningham               

John Mcnabb                   

Simon Forster                   

Roger SG Sorolla                  

Simone Biagini                   

Edward Nicholson             

William Grossberndt                   

Marten Zabel                          

Enoch Starnes                       

Caleb Engelke                         

Mike Shea                             

Rusty Gerard                      

Sharang Biswas                    

Roland Volz                    

Taylor LaBresh              

Joseph Reilly                   

James Hirst                  

Scott Marcley                

Ulo Leppik                     


Kevin Reynolds                 


Andrew J. Young                        

Jim "Santiago" Bourquin               

Larry Pennyworth                  


Kosher Kommander                       

Thomas Drevon                       

Edward Lockhart                   

Jeff Call                             

Gary Simpson             

Tim McDonald                 

Vance Atkins           

Alex Welk                    

Michael Prescott                  

Sam Mameli & Gabe Soria                 

Andrew Harshman                  

Herr Zinnling                              

Adam A Thompson                 

Theo Olsen                        

Tom Walker                             


Michael Grant                          

Will Doyle                                      

Sadhbh Brennan                        

Tobbias Boettger &

Jan Rippstein          

Jasper Evans-Klock                                 

P Aaron Potter                                

The Palto Seabottom Caverns

The Black Tower

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The Outsider's Son

Crypt of Northern Prince

The Signal

The Secret of Nightglass Mountain(Website)

The Blight

Gripped in the Hands of Time(Blog)

From Death(Blog)

Twisted Tower of Wishes

Lava-Head Ant Mound

Lair of the Voidbeast(Blog)

The Sundown Ablaze

The Professor's Potion(Blog)

Chambers of the Dread Titan(Website)

March of the Machines(Website)

A Story of Stories

Magic Shop Mayhem(Blog)

Once a Great Battle(Website)

The Baron Rises

The Weathered Pirates Treasure

Aethelberd's Tomb

Secondhand Map

Yellow Light(Blog)

Death of the Sinner

The Umber Woods(Blog)

The Dimensional Dial of Dr. Diago(Blog)


The Stones, the Ship and the Fortress

The Dungeon of Abkadeu

Karma Zootra

Crimson Tide Tower(Blog)

Death & the Dandy(Blog)

Prisoners of the Gelatinous Dome!(Tumblr)

Cult of Sleep(Website)

Griswalds Shifting Dungeon(Website)

Bowl of Stars(Blog)


The Sky-Blind Spire(Blog)

Druid's Rest at the Giant's Rift(Tumblr)

Tower of the Time Wizard(Tumblr)

74,54 m²(Blog)

Lost Dwarven City of Dhald'holth(Website)

The Starving Fishmen

Trortipose the Tormented's Tremendous

Traveling Tortoise

Orient Express

Playtime Planet(Website)

The Quintessential Dungeon(Blog)

The Dungen of the Lizard God

A Small Flight of Stairs

Prayers of Intersession

The Forlorn Archive

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