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The 3 Winning “Best Of” Dungeons These top 3 dungeons represent a lot of hard work, imagination and a very interesting situation from a judging perspective - these 3 were the easiest to agree up on as nearly all of us had them at the top of our lists. These entries each earned a bundle of valuable prizes from our sponsors. So, here are the Best of the Best entries:

Best Overall Dungeon

Secrets of the Old City

By Simon Bull

Best New School Dungeon

Cry of the Gravegod

by Heron Prior

Best Old School Dungeon

Valley of the Necromancer Kings

By Andrew Gale

These dungeons were the top of the Judges Picks, after we had picked the top 3 winners. Each of these represents an outstanding dungeon, certain to appeal to most everyone. These entries earned a prize each. The category that they won in is as the Judge picked it.

Best Silly Dungeon

Maze of NAMCAP

Patrick Riley

Best Retro Use of 30x30 Space

Megadungeon of the Mad Archmage Gary Stu

Adam Thorton

Best Replayable Entry

The Infinite Tower

James E. Raggi IV

Best Pub

Arendt's Old Peculiar

Antti Hulkkonen

Best Non-Fantasy Entry

The Horror of Leatherbury House

Michael Wolf

Best Hack-n-Slash

The Gray Goblin Warrens

Christopher Brackett

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