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Steve Winter returns! 

""I've been involved in publishing Dungeons & Dragons in one capacity or another since 1981. Currently I'm a freelance writer and designer in the gaming field."

-Steve Winter

Martin Thomas returns!

"I am a dad. I'm the son of a Vietnam Veteran. I was born in Marin County. I'm part Irish - and lucky! [Wink] I come from a blue state. I'm a geek - in case you couldn't tell. I believe in all paths to games. I'm a character!" 

-Martin Thomas

Random Wizard a judge!

Random is a three time organizer for the One Page Dungeon Contest, a prolific blogger at, the developer of "Phase Four". the "Portable Hexenbracken" and co-author of "The Unearthed Hack".

Ross Payton Joins the One Page Dungeon Contest!

Host of the podcast Role Playing Public Radio and author of "Zombies of the World", "Curriculum of Conspiracy", "Road Trip", and the "Base Raiders" RPG

to name a few.

Judges were given a limited number of picks, and assinged their choices scores (1-10). The Entry with the largest score was designated "Best Overall One Page Dungeon".  The next ten top scoring entries were declared winners in this years contest.

The catagories below are just for fun, and do not reflect the criteria used by the judges.

Best Overall One Page Dungeon

By Will Doyle & Stacey Allan

Best "Feature as a Bug"

"Teleportation Administration Substation 'Big Pineapple'"

By Luka Rejec

Deadliest Use of Geometry

By Ben Green

"Chambers of Chaos

and Madness'"

Best Use of a "Pre-existing Condition"

"The Color of Fungi"

By Thom Wilson & Glynn Seal

Most "Mengelain" Antagonists

"The Mermaids' Knot"

By Michael Prescott

Best Grave Robbery

"Rapta in Pace"

By Jan Rippstein & Tobias Böttger

Wittiest Use of Wandering Monsters

"Ruined Tower"

By Vance Atkins

Best "Alternative Use" for a Magic Item

"Dead Silent"

Steven Gordon

Most Peculiar "Repeat Offender"

"Where are the Villagers?"

Derek Ruiz

Best "Alternative Perspective"

"Of No Small Power"

Mathew and Michael Iantorno

Best "Flammable Foliage"

"How to Survive a Fire Swamp"

Caroline Berg

79 entries in the 2017 OPDC were submitted!

All entries are recorded below in the order they were received.

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