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2023 One Page Dungeon Scoring Criteria


Your submission consists of three parts: The title of your dungeon; your dungeon’s short description; and the one-page PDF. Judges will consider all three parts when calculating your score. All entries that meet the submission guidelines will have their author, title, and one-page PDF in the 2023 compendium.  One Page Dungeons containing AI art will be available directly but may not be available through all 3rd party sites.

Your One Page Dungeon (OPD) will be scored using these five criteria:


Creativity/Originality (C/O): Did you submit an original or creative idea? Does your OPD stand out from other submissions? Have you developed a theme or mood?


Art/Design (A/D): Is the art in your OPD appealing to look at? Is your layout intuitive and easy to follow? Have you avoided cluttering too much onto the page?


Writing/Content (W/C): Do the words in your submission describe what your OPD is all about? Does your content also convey a story, mood, or theme? Have you avoided spelling and grammar mistakes?


Playability/Functionality (P/F): Could a game master take your OPD and realistically run it? Would players be able to meaningfully interact with your OPD? Can multiple game systems support it?


Personal Impression (P.I.): The most subjective of the categories, this score reflects a judge’s personal preference of your work as a whole.


Each judge will assign a score of 1 to 10 for each category:

  • 1-2: Poor

  • 3-4: Acceptable

  • 5-6: Good

  • 7-8:  Very Good

  • 9-10: Outstanding


The overall winner of the contest will be the dungeon that ranks the highest amongst all the categories from all of the judges. The Winner's Circle consists of the overall winner and the next ~10 highest scoring entries.  The judges may increase the size of the Winner’s Circle depending on the quality and quantity of the entries. Incorporation of the year's contest theme is welcomed and encouraged, but will not impact your score.

If the contest receives a very large number of submissions, the contest may hold a qualification round.  We value the time and effort the judges put into the contest, the intent is to be respectful of their time.  All judges will have access to all submissions. Any judge may select any submission and ask it to be scored by all the judges. Any submission that meets the submission guidelines will still be published in the 2023 compendium regardless of outcomes in a qualification round. 

Judges may also award special designations for entries that excel in each specific judging category.

High-scoring entries not part of the Winner’s Circle may receive honorable mentions. 

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