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I am thrilled to announce that the creators of the original 2009 One Page Dungeon Contest ChattyDM  and Chgowiz  are returning as judges for the 10th Anniversary of the contest!

I am equally thrilled to announce that Martin Thomas has also agreed to serve as a judge again, making this his fifth consecutive year supporting the contest!

Steve Winter has just confirmed he is returning for the ten year anniversary, and this will also be his fifth year serving as a judge!

Jason Sholtis joins the 2018 One Page Dungeon Contest as a judge! -Been trying to get him as a judge for over a year and a half, but schedules never lined up, so super happy to share this news!

David "Sham" Bowman, one of the original judges and founders of the One Page Dungeon Contest is returning as a "Clutch/ Tie Breaker" judge for the highest scoring entries!

Random Wizard returns as a special "level up" judge this year, and will bump one worthy entry into the "winner's circle"!

Luka Rejec and Michael Prescott, of previous One Page Dungeon Contest Fame have not only offered to sponsor two unique art prizes, but both have agreed to be special judges to help in the selection process!

The scores for the 2018 tenth anniversary contest are in, and 52 entries that scored the most combined points from the judges panel have been declared the winners!  One more winner will be upvoted from the Honorable Mentions, and there will be 3 special judge prizes that have yet to be determined, but for the most part the lion's share of the work is done, and we can finally end the suspense and lead off with the the top scoring entries of 2018!

Best Overall One Page Dungeon (received the most points)

"Town of Rydell" by Jmar  (80 Points)

Winning Entries 

Entries are ordered by number of points awarded. 


"Rampaging Robot" by Karl Stjernberg  (76 Points)
"Beneath the Namless Towers of the Kremlin" by Roger SG Sorolla (70 Points)
"Bartizan of the Blood Egg" by Max White (60 Points)

"Vault of the Witch-Queen"  by Noah Lloyd and Matt Ryan (57 Points)
"The Mage in his Tower" by Spaghetting Quester (57 Points)

"Flight of the Moon Beetles" by Bodie Hartley (56 Points)
"Akhronoton" by Anton L.C. (55 Points)
"One Page: A Dungeon" by Steve Kilian (54 Points)
"Morinoux's Prison" by Connor Roberson (52 Points)
"River Gorge Gauntlet" by JD Thornton (50 Points)
"Ascent of the Robot God" by John Love and Matthew "OgreBeef" Seagle (49 Points)
"Frankenstein Leviathan" by Benji Dike (48 Points)
"Wastes of the Rhinofolk" by Glynn Seal (45 Points)
"Elf-Bane" by Scott Marcley (44 Points)
"Secrets of the Menhirs" by Chris Walton (41 Points)
"Wage Slaves of the Principality" by Aaron A. Reed (40 Points)
"The Tower of the Silent God" by Daniel Comerci  (39 Points)
"Don't Wake the Dragon!" by Simon Forster (34 Points)
"Escape from New Goblin City" by Brother Juniper (31 Points)

"The Chasm of Coalhaven" by Ben Chaplin (30 Points)
"Quest for the Murder Sword" by Johan Nohr (Stockholm Kartell) (30 Points)

"The Colony" by Ned Hugar (29 Points)
"Nether-Beasts of Ruby Pearl Island" by Carl Niblaeus (Stockholm Kartell) (29 Points)
"Assault on Mordak's Palace" by Keith Echevarria (29 Points)

"Shannon, the Gold Dragon" by Rose Szabo and Tamora Raze (28 Points)

"Infestation" by Seth Paxton (27 Points)
"The Clocktower" by Hamish McIntyre and Elphia H-V (27 Points)

"Fortress of Turby" by Aaron Thompson and Kelly Ellerbrook (26 Points)

"The Abandoned Plane" by Sadhbh Brennan (25 Points)

"We're All Trapped in this Cave Together" by Rebecca S. (24 Points)
"Silks and Subterfuge" by Matthew H, Sylvia G, and Katie L. (24 Points)
"Salt of the Earth" by Kezle (24 Points)

"The Mollusk of Madness" by Patrick Kelly and Ian Andrews (22 Points)

"The Pyramid Scheme" by Mike O'Regan (21 Points)
"The Dragon's Lantern" by Vance Atkins (21 Points)

"In the Cradle of the Reborn God" by Chris Hall (20 Points)
"What is in That Large, Abandoned, and Decrepit Building?" by Michael Raston (20 Points)

"The Chrono-Labyrinth of the Shattered Aeon" by Michael Wenman (17 Points)
"Crimson Rock Prison" by Stuart Kehoe (17 Points)
"Light of the Lifeless" by Wilmer Dahl (17 Points)

"Stitcher in the Woods" by Travis Cook and Bryan Wuest (16 Points)
"Duchess/ Lichess" by Idiomdrottning (16 Points)
"Mount Zorgoth" by Nate Treme (16 Points)

"The Green King's War" by theinfamousmrmeow (15 Points)
"Timmy (My Cat) Fell in the Well" by GM Lily (15 Points)
"Rat at Will" by André Bogaz and Camila Morais  (15 Points)

"Sinkhole of the Spider Cult" by Andre Lindenfelser (14 Points)
"Golem Like you See 'em" by Jennevieve Schlemmer (14 Points)

"The Circadian Tower" by Johnathan Castle and Matt Henderson (13 Points)
"Flying Offerings" by Marco Conti (13 Points)
"Lost in the Coldbless Caves" by Gregorious21778 (13 Points)
"Dorgotar Dungeon" by Daniel Walthall (Up-Voted by Special Judge)
"Lost Lair of Lorthain Shaar" by Jeremy DS Marshall (Cartography prize awarded by Special Judge)


Honorable Mentions

Judges had a limited amount of points to assign, and each of the following entries were given points by one or more judges. 

"I Know I Came Here for a Reason" by James Hirst
"The Seaglass Isle" by Harrison Swift
"The Mad Conjurer's Tomb" by Alan MacPherson
"The Love Canyon" by Steve Thompson
"Ancient Emerald Eyes" by Irvin Morales Esqueda
"Tomb of the Donkey God" by Carlos Pascual Torres
"A Secret Beyond the Sewers" by Mobralrox
"The Abbey of St. Wilk" by Christian Sahlen
"Gullet of the Rust Demon" by Dan D.
"A Monster in the Mines" by Brian Kopleck
"The Scinn" by Spencer Hudson and Devin Carey
"The Cliffs of Sorrow" by Caroline Berg
"Adressed to M. Bova" by Brad Fiore
"Lina (9), Hendrik (7), and Joaquin (5) Wrote another Dungeon" 

by Herr Zinnling, Lina, Hendrik, and Joaquin
"Bungeon of Fear" by Kosmic Dungeon
"The Green Colossus" by Pasquale Camuso
"Stuck in the MUD" by Dan Wesely

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 "Tenth Anniversary" One Page Dungeon Contest!

Thanks to everyone for their patience as the judged worked through this unprecedented number of entries!

The Submission Period for the 

2018 One Page Dungeon Contest

is now closed.

There were 161 entries submitted this year!

The Deadline for entry submission was May 1st, 2018 by midnight UMT.

Johnn Four

Lifetime license to Campaign Logger

Giovanni Pola

Shintiara Core Manual PDF Edition x 3

Evil Hat Productions

$25 Digital Prize Pack

Frog God Games

$100/ $50/ $25 Gift Certificates

Engine Publishing

20 "winner's choice" PDF titles, and one grand winner of all six titles

Pinnacle Entertainment Group

$10 Coupon for use in online store

White Wolf Publishing

Vampire: The Masquerade V5 Pack

Black Blade Publishing

Dungeon Design Bundle

One Seven

Blades in the Dark and U'Duasha PDFs

Kobold Press

Tome of Beasts, Midgard Worldbook,

& Eldritch Lairs PDFs

Grim & Perilous Studios

ZWEIHÄNDER RPG Print on Demand x 2

Fat Goblin Games

PDF's of all Gamemaster's Journals and a

Print copy of Cartography Companion

Shattered Pike Studio

"The Wasted Hack" PDF for all winners

Modiphius Entertainment

Three £20 PF vouchers!

Tenkar's Tavern

Two RPGNow ($25/ $10) Gift Cards

Necrotic Gnome Productions

B/X Essentials Series: Five PDF and one Print on Demand collection

Twenty $50 DriveThruRPG/RPGNow Gift Cards

Luka Rejec and Michael Prescott will create a black and white illustration and an isometric map inspired by a winning One Page Dungeon!

Wayne's Books

$100 Gift Certificate as well as youth prizes for the next generation of creators

TSR Games

Four Boxed Sets of "Top Secret: New World Order", one limited edition hardback, and PDF editions for all other winners

Rowan, Rook & Decard

Three $25 gift certificates to their online store.

Chaosium Inc.

Call of Cthulhu Keeper Rulebook PDF edition

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