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Greetings Adventurers,

The 2022 Results are in!


Feel free to pick up your copy on Gumroad (pwyw) or over at DriveThruRPG.  Contributing is optional but appreciated. Any funds raised contribute to future prize pools and help to keep the contest running.

When the theme was chosen for this year's contest, it was kept deliberately open-ended: 


With multiple meanings and applications, this theme could be interpreted in vastly different ways.  Some entries inspired wonder.  Some entries invoked wonders of the world, both existing and imagined.  The theme winner, "Princess Ivy’s Incredible Island of Dreams" by Scott Parker, used wonder as a game mechanic, allowing you to make your imagination real.  Well done to all who used the theme as a prompt.

One Page Dungeon Contest Compendium 2022

In discussions for the winners' circle, the overall winner, and the runner-up, there were three contenders that stood out with high scores among the judges. The debate on which would take the top prize, which would be runner-up, and which would join the ranks of the winners' circle went on for quite some time!  The judges placed a critical eye on all the elements.  They went back and forth with their deliberations.  At the end of the day, they settled on two dungeons as the runners-up: "Tomb of Gilgamesh" by Edoardo Leo, and "Tunnels of the Terran Titan" by Matt Latura.  The overall winner of the dungeon contest is "Small Medium Large: At Sword's end" by Mukul Gupta.

This year also introduced a youth category with four submissions. These were a ton of fun to read!  "Geldradin" by Zo Tchangov was the funniest dungeon with the coolest dragon.  "Squirrel Planet" by Lina, Hendrik, and Joaquín had the best use of space chickens and a great team entry.  Redwyrmling brought us the best traps and use of fart gas in "Thieves Guild Training Dungeon".  With a fun adventure and clear map, the winner of the youth category is "Campfire Story" by Kathryn R.

Congrats to all who entered the contest.  Completing and submitting an entry to the One Page Dungeon Contest is no trivial task.  Even if you have a great idea, there is a lot of work in the follow-through.  Writing the content, creating the artwork, and planning the layout all need to go into a successful submission.  Not to mention the editing and revisions!  The skills and efforts you placed into designing your one-page dungeon are a stepping stone for publishing larger creative works down the road.

Big thanks to the judges for their hard work. Thank you to Aaron, Chad, Cheryn, and Martin for being our judges in the 2022 contest, and to Jim for taking on the task of qualification judging.  The commitment and dedication you have put into reviewing the entries have been inspiring.  On behalf of myself and all who submitted entries, thank you.

Take your favorite dungeons and play with them however you see fit.  Play them at home or live stream them out to the world.  Run them as is or expand them to better fit your own world and games.

Again, congrats to all participants.  I invite all to return next year for the 2023 One Page Dungeon Contest.  I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

- Todd  

October 1st, 2022

84 Entries Submitted
in the 2022 OPDC

The following entries are listed in the order they were submitted.  Submissions were accepted until the end of July.

Lost Temple of the Mad Apsara

In an arid land a forgotten well and the water spirit that inhabits it wait for adventurers.

John Jordan

The Cardinal's Guardsmen

A full campaign: Your characters must save France under the banner of Cardinal Richelieu.

John W. Vogel

Wander Heist

The Imperial Museum of Ancient Oddities is celebrating its two-hundred and twenty-fifth anniversary. For such an occasion, the museum prepared for display the seven
wonders the imperialists stole from multiple lands a thousand years ago.

Carles Hernandez-Ferrer

Mad Abbotts Lair

Dark times at St. Mugrunden Abbey! Magic gone bad has caused major destruction to the premises. Rescuers report of walking undead and the echoing laughter of the Mad Abbot! Adventures wanted! Explore the dungeon beneath. Rescue any survivors and report back on the fate of Abbot Van-Wolff!

Mark Murphy

Vault of the Forgotten King

Folks say the Old King was rich and that he descended into his tomb with his treasure, to spend his last days counting it.
Right minded folks shun the barrows, but maybe there's a fortune to be made there by the quick, strong or lucky.

A dangerous little puzzle dungeon with lots of cyclical routes.

John Nash

Alicarnassus' Mausoleum

Little and nothing is known of this mausoleum, nor of the elusive Alicarnassus. Some scholars argue that the name was of an ancient emperor buried here, others that it was the name of the city where once it stood, now lost in time. So all the treasures that should be inside may still be intact ....


The Noisy Barn

Why not have the town watch owe you a favor for a change? And what could be simpler than comforting an old widow? Sure, the barn looks like it might totter over, but how bad could it be? Sounds like there’s nothing inside but a panicking horse . . .

SD Gibson

Clarke's Third Law

Amnesiac subjects in a hard light environment experiment were abandoned when its researchers evacuated their facility. Now in orbit for many days, the researchers await rescue, but the Sim wasn’t meant to be online this long, and now the simulation is beginning to malfunction...

Peter Willington

The Temple of Fastening

In The Temple of Fastening, the players explore an abandoned temple within a cave system. Will they find the holy artefact or will the temple’s inhabitants and other adventurers get the best of them?

Sanni Ovaska

Devils and their Lies

Baron Orlov was cast into the oubliette at Castle Gorlois to regret his demonological crimes. When the castle was razed by avaricious neighbours, he and the Lady Gorlois had vanished. Wagging tongues hold that the couple fled through a secret portal, and wonder what became of the castle’s gold.

Simon Carryer

The Fantastical Folding Fortress of Jaffee the Mad!

Jaffee the Magnificent tried to imprison the Infernal Prince of Madness but it backfired! The god has possessed and enslaved Jaffee and unleashed a curse across the land. Descend into Jaffee’s magical, shape-shifting fortress, unlock its secrets, and banish the Mad God back to the Infernal Realms!

Clint Hocking

Do Goblins Actually Force-Feed Giants In Caves?

I was wondering. Do goblins actually force-feed giants in caves? Well, yes, obviously. But why do they do it? And how do they do it? And how do adventurers react when they go to the cave?

Kyle Adam Wright

A plush escape

You are a group of plush toys and just came to life in an abandoned toy store. Others have already organized the place. Will you find a new home here or do you want to escape?

Jan Bundesmann

Squirming Fragment of a Dead God

Something fell from the sky — a boiling streak of cold green light. By morning, the crater lay empty; a trail of strange mutation led to the ruins of a temple. Will you venture beneath, into darkness where death's stench hangs heavy, to look upon the Squirming Fragment of a Dead God?

Harry Menear

The Wedding of the Fairy Princess

The fairy princess of Glowleaf Forest is getting married! In this GM-less storytelling game, you play as close companions of the princess, asked to help her plan her special day.

Eshan Mitra

the StoneSeeker Crypt

A plague is taking its toll on the city. While many survive the disease, some pass away, but there are some corpses that disappear.

Thomas Grunberg

Blood & Water

Beneath a lake of holy water, an alchemist and her apprentice have been experimenting with the undead in an abandoned temple to some forgotten god. However, a recent cave in has revealed that this god is closer than expected.


The Lennox Family Amazing Circus

Something is wrong at the Lennox Family Amazing Circus. The jugglers and acrobats perform but with dull, staring eyes and expressionless faces. Will you leave with your soul intact?

Michael Solander

Small Medium Large: At The Sword's end

Sword’s end valley is in turmoil. Big things are small, tiny things are gargantuan. The PCs are tasked to investigate a magical relic located nearby as the possible origin of this tricky situation.

Mukul Gupta

Magobia's Midnight Ingredients Run

You are goblins in the care of Mama Magobia. She needs you to collect ingredients for the potion she's brewing tonight. You have the entire night to gather them up.

Nikolaj Bourguignon

The Promise

Your long-time friend is recovering from a serious misadventure. He is asking you to take a small bag to an important man before the next local full moon. If the bag is not returned he says it will not matter if he recovers and dying will not help him escape his promise for what is in the bag.

Ron Parker

A Battle Lost

As those around you start to panic and flee the battlefield, you wonder how you will keep your head & survive this day….

Matthew Unsworth

Christopher Selby

Vacant Snow Castle

"A cyclopean castle built of snow. A thousand feet wide and spires a thousand feet tall.
A giant gate of solid ice. There's a gap to crawl through underneath.
No signs of life inside. Is no one home?"

Petter Fornes

When Is Cake?

A system-neutral 1 hour wedding themed tabletop roleplaying mini game, in which players interact as wedding guests in four 15-minute acts, pursuing individual goals. Hopefully you will make it to the cake with minimal drama...but we doubt it!

Nathan Jones

Karis Jones: co-author, Lesha Porche: illustrator

Tunnels of the Terran Titan

Somewhere below a swampy woodland is a strange, wonderful place that sits between two worlds. There are substantial treasures and other rewards to be had there, but be wary! There is more there than meets the eye and sites of great wonder go hand in hand with creatures of great ambition and power.

Matt Latura

Mezrak's Foundry

A complex of dwarven construction built upon a high craggy peak. Was the foundry of famed dwarven inventor Mezrak but was abandoned long ago. It has now been recently occupied for nefarious means.

Nameless Designer

The Hallway of Abandoned (Infinite) Worlds

Eons ago, an enormous hallway was constructed to bridge endless parallel universes. In the ages since, the worlds it connected have been slowly abandoned. Adventure through the Hallway to explore new worlds, reconnect dying civilizations, and discover the secret of The Doom.


Melting Pot

People believe the volcano and the gods are connected. For the last few days, the volcano seems “unease” and the leader requested your help. What do you do? How will it impact the village?

Carlos Martins

Volcanic Panic

Stop a volcanic eruption by returning precious artifacts to the temple.


Royal Flush

What began as a crappy job in the sewers turns into a discovery of wondrous magic and an ancient secret hidden deep beneath the royal palace.

Christopher Selby

Matthew Unsworth

Galactic Kindergarten Escape

By the evil genius’ will, running into a cunning trap, or failing an intelligence check, the heroes are placed into the galactic kindergarten. Now PCs must prove they don’t belong here or find a way to escape the place.

Andrey Plisko

Grieving Road

The old roads are lined with small tombs of Imperial dead: nobles, sorcerers, soldiers, and artists. Their reviled order was cast down by the just. Why should they rest peacefully atop stolen riches?

Gus L

Tinyblin Empires

Join a tiny king’s quest to unite the Tinyblins. Only problem is, he lacks resources and soldiers. Gather, harvest, or pillage then keep his monument standing against his rivals’ mechanical soldiers.

Anarchydice - Alex Welk

The Ambulatory Temple

An ill-tended forest temple has sprouted limbs, and is making slow but steady progress towards the city, sword in hand, lightning and crows in its wake. You could slow it down by smashing its tower-like limbs, but you can only stop it by putting out the living fire at the top.

Robin Gibson

Station W3-1RD

An ominous distress beacon was recently intercepted from Station W3-1RD. Its head scientist claims a groundbreaking find but gives no details aside from announcing the arrival of a mysterious visitor.

Damien Lopuck

Aaron Amoyo, co-author


Inside a sacred and fragile border of red silk, in a rose garden transformed into a fortress will be the ritual of dressing the duke. Fafids and Rosophagist conspiring, be prepared!

Filippo Broll

Emanuele Sangregorio - Artist and Co-designer

Quest for the lost Crown

You are thrown in a fight between elves and dwarves but to mediate between them you must uncover what happened millenia ago and find a legendary artifact that may change the fates.

Philipp Hajek

Princess Ivy's Incredible Island of Dreams

The delinquent Princess Ivy snuck into the palace vault and stole the Dream Amulet. She has now fallen into a magical sleep and the only way to wake her is to enter her dreams. Let your imagination go wild as you travel to Ivy's Incredible Island of Dreams, unravel its mysteries & find the Princess.

Scott Parker

Ivy Parker - map artist

A Tale of a Whale

Whales are big and they eat a lot, most of the time they eat plankton, but sometimes they eat people on ships. With whales not being the best chewers, those people often get out. They then tell stories about all the treasure found inside. And maybe some horror stories about a poo zombie.

Daniel Rubenstein

Co-Author Steve Adkins

Temple of the Snake-Goddess

An ancient, abandoned temple occupied by a pack of tigerfolk, with an undiscovered underground floor.

Andy Murillo

The Maze of Mala Dewm

A lethal labyrinth of impenetrable hedges filled with deadly plants, animals, and monsters. There is but one entrance and no one knows where it ends.

J. Blasso-Gieseke

The Holy Temple

This abandoned temple has become overrun by it's eternally warring inhabitants. The angelic cats claim to protect the temple from robbers, while the demonic rats seek to eat everything they can. Rumor has it that the temple had many riches and relics, if one if brave enough to rob from the blessed.

Evelyn Nitch-Griffin

Dark Well

This mysterious well is located a mile away from a well-known road that leads to an important town. Rumors say it is cursed and hold treasures.

A 3-5 player OSR dungeon crawl adventure for character levels 1-4.


Gustav Sokol (Map), Rossi Antúnez (Proofreading)

The Gardens of Folly

This overgrown hedge-maze was once a great display of wealth. Rumours say that the wealthy Lady & Lord Folly long ago hid their riches within the gardens.


Gravity Well

An abandoned dried-up well appears innocent, but hides a mystical phenomenon and a wizard's lair.

Samuel Walladge

Tomb of Gilgamesh

One final eclipse spells the start of the end times, and the stars fall down to Earth. A group of adventurers will have to enter the greatest monument of the Sumer and climb to its top. By the end, they will see the Moon shattered and face Gilgamesh and Enkidu themselves as the building crumbles.

Edoardo Leo

Theo Prevost - Artist

The Titan's Hammer

A forgotten weapon silo buried in an idyllic countryside, now active after decades of abandonment. A dead Titan, Goblins Commandos, Insane Pharma-Sages, and a weapon to surpass Magic Missile: The Titans Hammer.

Gareth Den

Squirrel Planet

An unknown world. Four rooms. Four Monsters. No treasure.

Lina (14), Hendrik (12), Joaquín (10)

Herr Zinnling (footnote)

Galaxy Quest

Take command of a spaceship during the human race's first intergalactic voyage to the galaxy of Helion. You must have your wits about you as you meet alien races, discover artifacts, and contain outbreaks of alien viruses. How will you leverage your skills to protect your crew?

Bralex Adley

Meg, Play Tester

There Will Be Magic

Dear Friends, it is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Sir William, the great benefactor of our Wizard Community. We invite you to bid farewell at his manor, as per his wishes.

Tamas P.

Absent Without Leaf

Retrieve the mythical plant Mountainglow from a run-down wizard’s greenhouse. Unknown botanic dangers may lurk inside…

Sjoerd van Wijk


A dungeon you can implement in your game to create a dangerous shortcut the players could take if they want to spend time. The players find a giant molehill. Their tunnels can lead beyong rivers or mountains, but Giant Mole Parents will become hostile towards intruders to guard their offspring.




Swords and sandals, pirates and plunder, this adventure has it all! If you and your party have the courage and reckless disregard for danger required to brave the Kolossus and save the city of Acropolis from the scorching heat ray, then wealth and glory shall be yours! Oh and there’s a gorilla!

Brian Shutter, James Hutt

Mustafa Bekir Artist

Guard Duty

Your party of adventurers has been hired by the merchant Cheechak to guard their caravan from bandit attacks as they travel through the forest.

Hunter Charest

Obliesk - Artwork

The Great Faerie Revolution

Lord fey, known as the Star Watcher, has disappeared. His former servants sparked a revolution, and the dimension itself began to seep into the mortal world. In the morning, the heroes discover that the inn in which they were staying accidentally fell into the magic realm.

Patryk Ofat (MirisDor)

The Hatch

After discovering a mysterious stone hatch buried under a century's worth of moss and brush, the members of an upstart settlement enlist the aid of adventurers to explore the dark cavern below. Discover the shocking secrets hidden in the depths beneath The Hatch.

James Rosario

The 4x5 Dungeon

The classic 5-room dungeon, randomed up with 4 (or 20+!) variations...
After all, you're an awesome GM, you can justify the existence of a cavern full of random traps, a weird fountain, and occupied by a dragon and some floating skulls guarding a pretty rock.

Vance Atkins

map by Dyson Logos (released under a free, royalty-free, commercial license)

The toymaker's problem

The famous toymaker, Edward Winston, has requested you to help clear out a specter from his storage, offering pay to do so.


The Eleventh Wonder of the Suvellian Age

Archaeologists are still finding examples of lost Emperor Vollnicke Suvellis' holdings in libraries and cloisters across the world. It is rumored that a piece of exceptional value is hidden in a subterranean chamber nearby. The piece is known only as...The Eleventh Wonder of the Suvellian Age.

Steve Kilian

Beast of Dogwood Forest

The villagers complain about a screeching cry coming from the forest that
spooks the chickens and turns the milk sour. A few days ago Nimrod the trapper
offered to capture that screeching beast but has yet to return, and now the
screeching have become more frequent.

Larry Z. Pennyworth

Fairy Train

After months of work, countless generations of replacement construction crews, the first commercially motivated venture is being made to the inhuman realm of the Fae, a day trip aboard a luxury steam train, the Spirit of Wonder.

Ewen Cusworth

Thieves Guild Training Dungeon

The Velvet Sun Thieves’ Guild built this training dungeon to teach their members how to pick locks, disarm traps, and find secret doors. Now the Lich, Ickogoran Bone Toe, has taken it over and uses the traps and secret doors to protect his phylactery.


My Daddy (redwyrm) helped me use the computer

The B Section

Just a bridge from one location to another. Unless it carries a tune of its own?

Jacob Cordeiro

Chest of Krinnim

You pry open the chest lid and barely manage to catch a glimpse of the treasures within before a blast of energy knocks you unconscious. You wake up surrounded by imposing towers of what appear to be coins. As you gaze upwards you see a gargantuan open chest lid looming high above your heads.

Tatu Niittykangas


As you can see a wheat transporter who got his hands on a unicorn....?

Zo Tchangov

That's no cave!

Enticed by the promise of magical artifacts, you set out to investigate energy surges from a nearby cave. However, it turns out the surges are not of magical origin, and you find yourselves face to face with something ancient and unknown.

Øyvind Paulsen

Vault of the Three Fingered Flame

A recently uncovered vault holds a terrible secret: a vile flame from another dimension. Sealed away from millennia, it seeks a new host, to pursue its unfathomable agenda. But what treasures does the vault hold? Powerful artifacts from the prior age? Or just consumption by the Three Fingered Flame?

Scott Jarvis

Hunck's Hobby

Exhaustion has set in followed shortly by the setting sun. If only there was shelter nearby...

Colin Lammie

The Jester's Wondrous Cave

Anachronistic Cave set in space made from the dreams of the dead. Ruled by a force known as the Jester. Shaped by whatever your comprehension of the world is. Until it’s not. Welcome.

Paweł Kicman

Kill the GM!

When the going gets weird, the weird find part time jobs in an underground colony. Not willingly of course. Please send help.

Josh Archer

Dr. Demonara and The Dungeon of Death

Dr. Demonara awaits anyone who chooses to enter his Dungeon of Death. Only the strongest will survive to find the treasures inside. Beware though.....for the Dr. and his monsters lurk in the darkness. Death and glory await you.

John Earegood

Glass and Glory

Winding tunnels descend into the side of a sandy mountain. Inside lies a decadent and sprawling cavern full of the clink of glass. Spires of stained glass rise into the ceiling to support shiny, colorful ceilings. What creeping horrors dwell within this chromatic palace?

Ash C.

The Build-Your-Own Dungeon

A customizable dungeon based on the Madlibs word game!

William Steve

Campfire Story

After a camper and their councilor go missing into the mysterious forest, your party and the remaining campers may uncover the secrets of the camp.

Kathryn R.

A Mage's Worst Nightmare

Ruins and rubble falling from the sky... A mysterious floating island… An ancient Astral Fragment... The sleeping Mage that protects it… I wonder what will happen to the brave adventurers that rise up to stop a calamity and save a city.

Niyal Curi

Nate Curi

Hotsl Cilor

Inspired by the story of Hilaree Nelson and Jim Morrison becoming the first to ski the Lhotse Couloir, this dungeon is climbing a mountain in extreme altitude. The subtle supernatural elements take a back seat to the grandeur and awe inspired by real life mountains, and their significant dangers.

Kent Allen

Crawling Ruins of the Lost Heretics

A lost cave in the mountains holds the prison of the FOUR GRAND HERETICS, HELD IN STASIS UNTIL THE END OF TIME TO BE JUDGED BY THE ONE TRUE GOD. What treasures lie within?

Adam Chafe and Grant Lambe

The Sylvan Woods

This forest exists on the border between the material and fey realms, and is used by many travelers that wish to go to the fey realm. However, the guardian of the forest, who will help travelers that prove themselves to it to safely traverse the woods, has gone missing…

John Markousis

The Lost Wonder

An ancient, remote, and wonderful sanctuary of a mysterious Sun Goddess that recently stopped answering the prayers. A group of concerned clerics that hired the party to investigate the place. And an evil wizard plotting to sever their connection to Goddess and ruin their religion once and for all.

Marcin Łączyński

The Vanished

The Digital Transformation department is typically a hive of activity. But something is different. Its occupants are gone, vanished into thin air. The only clue to their disappearance lies in a power surge that cascaded through the building, shorting out critical systems.

Josh Domanski

School of Chalk

When what you write is what you get
your schooling comes to matter yet
Her search has turned into a slaughter
for no one could replace her daughter

Connor & Evan Murphy


Having stolen a bag of relics and a box of damning evidence, a Boss and their Goons are chasing the PCs through various pocket dimensions. In these pockets exist archway portals that can be activated with a magical artifact whose last charge will take you home safely. All generated with a d6.

Craig McClain

The Stone Bone Mound

The Stone Bone Mound, a perfectly smooth grass-covered hill on the edge of town, contains a labyrinth made of strange dark stone speckled with mystery bones. Most folks avoid it. But not obsessive pebble-collector Anthea Genn.

Dan Sumpion

The Limitless Library

An eldritch guards the collective knowledge of the multiverse. Referred to as “The Librarian”, they wield their knowledge as power. But your adventurers have questions requiring answers only The Librarian can provide. Will they have what it takes or will they be taken out of circulation?

Samantha Conklin & Andrew Walker

Co-written by Samantha Conklin & Andrew Walker // Graphic Design by Samantha Conklin



This year’s theme is “Wonder.” Can you make a one-page dungeon that will cause the reader to take a step back? Perhaps wonder for them will be the compelling tale you weave or the eye-catching art on the page. Perhaps you’ll design a lair that will take our breath away (air deprivation trap), a gorgeous cavern that will freeze you in your tracks (stoned by a basilisk), or a courtyard hosting a grand royal wedding (but for demons) that will sweep you off your feet. We hope this theme gives you some inspiration for your upcoming submission! 

Contest Judges

We are excited to announce this year's judging panel. 

  • Martin Thomas will be returning for his 9th consecutive year.

  • Chad Vanisko is back for his second year.  

  • Cheryn Rapp, winner of the 2021 dungeon contest, is joining our lineup

  • Aaron Minnick, will be making his debut as a contest judge.

Additional Judging Support

  • Jim Reavis will be the primary qualification round judge.  

  • Todd Richardson is contest host, judge coordinator, and ad-hoc judge.

Thank you for all the judging team's hard work that goes into the one-page dungeon contest.

 Winners' Circle

& Honorable Mention

Overall Winner

Runner Up

Youth Winner

Best in Theme

10 Winners' Circle Entries

4 Honorable Mentions

The best in theme and youth prize are recognitions that might be in addition to the others. For example, someone could win Best in Theme and be the overall winner. 


Sponsors and Prizes

Dungeon Contest - Over $500 will be distributed to winning entries.  The amounts will be either delivered as DriveThroughRPG credits ($180) or by Paypal ($350).  The prize money is the proceeds of The 2021 Compendium.  The 2022 Compendium will be available free of charge to all participants.  

Troll Lord Games - Troll Lord Games has graciously agreed to donate prizes to the contest winners.  The overall winner will receive a printed copy of Castles & Crusades Players Handbook, the runner up, youth winner, and best in theme will receive a print copy of one of their adventure modules, and lastly all winners' circle entries will receive a pdf copy of an adventure module.

Spiel Knights - The contest winners (including the winners' circle) will receive a print copy of 'One Hour TTRPG Prep' donated and shipped by Spiel Knights.

Aarlstrom's Wands - The wizard of wands himself is contributing wands to the winners of this year's contest. (Winner's Circle & Above)  Aarlstrom is celebrating the upcoming release of his wand catalog (as part of 'ZineQuest' on Kickstarter) and invites you to follow along.

Goblins and Growlers - The contest winner, the best in theme, and the Youth winner will receive a "Roll for Initiative" t-shirt.

aarlstrom magic wand shoppe.png

 More Information

More information can be found in the submission rules and judging guidelines. All of the entries from previous years are available for inspiration.

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