Greetings Adventurers,

The One Page Dungeon Contest is on once again this summer. 

We're in the process of changing the guard.  Thank you very much to Aaron for all of his past work and organizing the event over the past four years.  My Name is Todd and I'll be picking up the torch to organize this year's event.  Details coming soon as to the exact dates and details of the contest.  In the meantime, you can begin working on your one page dungeon entry. The writing, the drawing, the mapmaking, the layout, and the planning - anything you do to make your dungeon dangerous, terrifying or magical can commence.

We'll have a further update within the next week, stay tuned!

All of the past PDF compendia are currently available for free on DrivethruRPG, and all existing Print on Demand books are available "at cost".


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