Dungeon Contest Approaches!

Adventurers and dungeoneers, the 2022 contest approaches! Now is the time to start brainstorming and designing your next one-page dungeon. Submissions officially open in early July and close on July 31, 2022. 


The goal of the One Page Dungeon Contest is to create a fun and engaging dungeon that fits the environment, the story, the characters, and the exciting challenges all onto a single page. Can you share an exciting adventure that cuts straight to the chase? 




This year’s theme is “Wonder.” Can you make a one-page dungeon that will cause the reader to take a step back? Perhaps wonder for them will be the compelling tale you weave or the eye-catching art on the page. Perhaps you’ll design a lair that will take our breath away (air deprivation trap), a gorgeous cavern that will freeze you in your tracks (stoned by a basilisk), or a courtyard hosting a grand royal wedding (but for demons) that will sweep you off your feet. We hope this theme gives you some inspiration for your upcoming submission! 

Contest Judges

We are excited to announce this year's judging panel. 

  • Martin Thomas will be returning for his 9th consecutive year.

  • Chad Vanisko is back for his second year.  

  • Cheryn Rapp, winner of the 2021 dungeon contest, is joining our lineup

  • Aaron Minnick, will be making his debut as a contest judge.

Additional Judging Support

  • Jim Reavis will be the primary qualification round judge.  

  • Todd Richardson is contest host, judge coordinator, and ad-hoc judge.

Thank you for all the judging team's hard work that goes into the one-page dungeon contest.

 Winners' Circle

& Honorable Mention

Overall Winner

Runner Up

Youth Winner

Best in Theme

10 Winners' Circle Entries

4 Honorable Mentions

The best in theme and youth prize are recognitions that might be in addition to the others. For example, someone could win Best in Theme and be the overall winner. 


Sponsors and Prizes

Dungeon Contest - Over $500 will be distributed to winning entries.  The amounts will be either delivered as DriveThroughRPG credits ($180) or by Paypal ($350).  The prize money is the proceeds of The 2021 Compendium.  The 2022 Compendium will be available free of charge to all participants.  

Troll Lord Games - Troll Lord Games has graciously agreed to donate prizes to the contest winners.  The overall winner will receive a printed copy of Castles & Crusades Players Handbook, the runner up, youth winner, and best in theme will receive a print copy of one of their adventure modules, and lastly all winners' circle entries will receive a pdf copy of an adventure modules.

Spiel Knights - The contest winners (including the winners' circle) will receive a print copy of 'One Hour TTRPG Prep' donated and shipped by Spiel Knights.

Aarlstrom's Wands - The wizard of wands himself is contributing wands to the winners of this year's contest. (Winner's Circle & Above)  Aarlstrom is celebrating the upcoming release of his wand catalog (as part of 'ZineQuest' on Kickstarter) and invites you to follow along.

Fictional Character

 More Information

More information can be found in the submission rules and judging guidelines. All of the entries from previous years are available for inspiration.