Greetings Adventurers,

The contest is on and the dungeons
are in!

One Page Dungeons were accepted up until
the end of July 31st, 2021. We're now going
through all the dungeons, preparing them for the judging panel and beginning to format the compendium.  Additionally, we're checking to make sure all entries followed the Submission Rules.

We've received over 75 entries this year and can't wait to share them with you!


Entries for 2021 are listed in the order received.  Entries were accepted until July 31, 2021
(last updated August 2, 2021)


Hand over Hand
The monsters' lair is falling apart, and the adventurers rush in to rescue them.
By: Jacob Cordeiro


Grimbo Grotto
A Christmas Farcical Horror Adventure
By: Goblin's henchman


The Temple of Love
I am looking for a Wedding Party to tackle this tacky chapel which has fallen to disrepair. An evil has taken over this drive-thru wedding chapel and is ruining everything from the honeymoon suite to the breakfast bar. The Sisters of Mercy now preside over the Temple of Love and are open for business - can you stop this Wicked Wedding?
By: Alun Thomas

Silver Mine of Psphesec
Abandoned silver mine under a ruined city that contains a time travel wonder
By: Jonathan Nolan of Zombienomicon (R)

In the gooey clutches of M'cus
The Heroes arrive in a Town that seems to suffer from a strange sickness only the local cult can cure... or is there something more sinister behind the sickness.
By: Daniel E. Sluschny


Forgotten Mine of Roggweir
Explore a forgotten mine filled with crazy cannibalistic Dwarves and save the prisoners before they become their next meal!
By: Barakielthearchangel

Scare the Bear
A dire bear is said to inhabit a den, not far enough from a worrying village. Scare it away and be rewarded. Should be simple enough, right? - but when you start going into the darkness, you never know what horrors (or fortune) you might uncover.
This quick one page dungeon was created for one of our family sessions. It took us two and a half hours to play through in one of our recent Sunday afternoon games. It can be run as kids friendly adventure, or turn into something far more sinister for adult players."

By: Ithai (& kids as playtesters)


Temple of Unearthly Croakings
Ya goin' inta duh swamp? Don't git yerself lost, or ya may run inta an olden cult temple. We local folk calls it duh "Temple of Unearthly Croakings". Ya see, thar be spooky frog spirits in dat temple, and muckle worser! So bewares.
By: Adam C. Hawkins


The Tomb of Krell
A lonely mound of dirt and grass. Stone doors, crumbling. Ancient weapons litter the ground, forgotten. All that remains of Krell, Warlord of the Seven Mountains, and his possessions are entombed within. At the height of the New Moon strange fires were spotted upon the barrow and the locals are worried. Animals have been going missing and suspicious travelers have been sighted along the road. When the corpses of livestock were found exsanguinated, the local priest hired the characters to defeat the evil within the tomb. 

The Tomb of Krell is a twelve room dungeon where a dark cult has set up their headquarters; seeking a blessing from the long dead Krell. Undead and cultists are the primary antagonists and the dungeon has a fair amount of treasure, including two magic items. This dungeon can be dropped into a generic fantasy campaign wherever a barrow might have lain undisturbed until recently or be run independent of any campaign as a one-shot.
By: Mason Waaler


The Ancient Orrery
After discovering an ancient magical machine that manipulates space and time, and accidentally powering it up, the PCs need the copies of themselves they created to help them return from the moon and stop the invading Spider Lizards.
By: Ed Nicholson

The Caves Below Keep Quiet
A subterranean treasure-hunting adventure through the lost caves beneath an ancient keep once inhabited by silent monks. The players explore the gruesome downfall of the monks through the handwritten letters they left behind while dodging packs of hideous monsters known only as "Screamers".
By: Charlie "Chopshop" Queen of Capital Q Studios


Patriarch’s Gamble
Recently the cairns of wealthy families have been robbed. A worried grand son of one of the families wants you to investigate his grandfather's tomb, and catch the raiders. He intends to come along and make sure everything is fine.
By: Shane Ward

The players receive a strange, flat package. It is warm to the touch and has an alluring fragrance. After tipping the dishevelled delivery boy, cautiously opening the box to discovery inside a round disc of cheese-covered bread with various toppings. The steam swells around them, the aroma swirling about and through the vapours they are transported to a strange and cheesy world...40 minutes...or less. They are delivered to PIZZAQUEST!
By: Jesse Dryden


Escape of the Torment

A party of adventurers followed a pair of drunk and bragging outlaws from the local tavern and discovered the secret entrance to the coastal cavern where pirates keep their ship, the Torment, and unload their stolen wares. Can they stop the pirates before they escape?

By: Brett Simison

Madame Martid's Centre for Gentlemanly Activities and Cigarium Club
You've got debts, and Boss Qreewaw has a job for you. Recover an item from Madame Martid's casino office, and all is forgiven. How hard can that be?

By: Vance Atkins with Original map/title by Matt Jackson


Giant Consequences
Two brothers unearth a mummied giant, drawing in curious visitors. After being revealed as a hoax, priests of a death goddess plan to turn the lie into reality by using the brothers' souls to animate the husk!
By F. H. Stevens


This Place Is a Zoo    

The city zookeeper has hired the party for their experience with “difficult creatures”. It seems that the zoo’s creatures have started displaying strange abilities...
By Cheryn Rapp of Goblins and Growlers


Looking glass hills    

An alien ship, hidden under a hill. An engrave? his lonely driver would like to leave but he is completely burned, he needs someone to provide him with a new skin!    

The Auction

A science fantasy heist for an ancient relic on a resort space station. Fight against the forces of oppression through subtle interactions or a classic robbery, while also getting paid.
By Josh Domanski with Gabriel Reich, Editor 


the cave across the hills    
“a million years ago, we used to live there, in harmony with the bears, and no names for the things” - old hermit
“if you guys need to get there, the only way is through the cave across the hills.” - simple merchant

The cave across the hills is an ancient location, full of signs from the distant past. This is a system agnostic dungeon, intended to be a tool for guiding an adventure, and should work as it is, but leaves plenty of room for modifications and improvements."
By Lucas Gehre

The Well of Blood
You have heard worrying news about your friend Bolster the Giant. He is trying to fill a well with his own blood! He says he's doing it for his true love - and that he needs your help. The well isn't filling up properly. There must be a leak that needs to be plugged. That has to be the reason, right? Go down there and have a look.
By: Rook


Nothing But The Tooth
The Great and Terrible Dragon has lost a tooth imbued with powerful magics. It is exactly the kind of thing the Tooth Fairy would normally collect and keep safe. But no fairy can enter the Dragon’s labyrinthine lair, which is why the Tooth Fairy is sending you instead…
By: Dan Bronson-Lowe


Time Loop Castle
The castle’s magic bell rings out every thirty minutes. At the sound, everyone and everything goes back to how it was thirty minutes before and time begins again. Can you stop the dreaded time loops?    
By:    Marshall


Ernie Wyver's Museum of Oddities
Visitors, finally! Oh, what an uncivilized monkey I am… let me introduce myself: my name is Ernie Wyver! Welcome to my Museum of Oddities, you'll never want to leave, I promise! Let's start the tour!
By:    Simone Matteo Santini


City of Amber
Below the mountain lie the ruins of the city, which fell to the Underworld because of the greed of its sorcerous ruler and sheer weight of his treasures.    
By:    Patryk Ofat


Barrow of the Two Brothers
Delve into the barrow to uncover the tragic tale of two brothers who murdered each other over their dying Mother’s crown. A short adventure for a Level 1-2 party.    
By: L. Shaffrey


Mirror Show
A circus troupe has taken up residence in a mansion in town, but a magic mirror has created a demi-plane with twisted copies of the mansion and its inhabitants. Can the PCs defeat them?    
By: D.F. from Team Chimaera


The Singing Caves
When the world was young, a demigod defeated a marauding beast and bound it below the earth, under an enchantment that would keep it sleeping forever. But time passes, magics fade, and adventurers happen.    
By:    Ken Moore


Live and Let Dice
A spy adventure(s) designed to maximize your adventuring buck. The GM rolls to determine the session's scenario and its variables, then rotates the page accordingly. This message will self destruct.    
By: Brandon Dingess of Goblins and Growlers


Avalanche Caldera
Steam billows out from these rocky islands where the lava has cooled. Ancient ruins have bubbled to the surface and might hold treasures for the daring. Why did the temperature suddenly drop here?    
By: Alex Welk


To the Manor Born
Several townspeople were seen entering the old, abandoned mansion on Lowtide Street (known locally as 'Murder Manor') - now they are missing. Could it be the lair of a serial killer? The city watch tasks the PCs with investigating, but when they cross the threshold and a constable dies of a heart attack, they soon realize there's more to this house than meets the eye...    
By Stephen Thompson / Laidback DM


Zombees - Quest for Necrotic Honey
Nebarasakhan craves his most favorite food but cannot be bothered himself to get it. How fortunate a group seems to be coming near he can trick into the dangerous swamp to retrieve his prize.
By: Buddy Caperton

Smashing Things
A wizard in debt to the local criminal lord? A party sent to teach him a lesson? Laboratory full of precious items and fragile equipment? Bingo!
By Marcin Łączyński

Hargrave's Demise
Locating the greatest invention of a long dead inventor.
By FaceTankHank

The Tomb of General Lorogas
A dark cult has entered the shrine to resurrect General Lorogas...
By Eric C.

Molok's Mummies
A hexagonal tablet, 25 feet across has risen from the soft earth. The grinning face of Molok adorns a trap door in the center. The old folk tell of mummified priests guarding vast treasures. Not even your DM knows how deep nor how dangerous this crypt will be. Will you escape with untold wealth, or will your living soul be consumed to sustain the undeath of Molok's Mummies?
By Leon Atkinson


In a Desert That Used to Be A Sea,

There was This Submarine
A submarine sunken into a desert, full of treasure, explosives, and skeletons! 
By Jarred Stagen


Free the Demon Slaves!
Open the flat door in a dry riverbed and descend the iron steps into a demon’s domain. What heroes will descend the steps, free the iron-mining slaves, and slay the demon?
By Linden with Writing and Art by Horos

The Siege of Anslau
Players must hold off the besieging army until allies can relieve the city of Anslau. The Duke needs adventurers to root out insurgents and sabotage the enemy encampment - anything to hold off the far too numerous enemy until help arrives!  
By Otto Khoven        


A Royal Game of Ur
On the surface, it looks to be nothing more than a worn-out board game, but upon throwing the dice, the party is pulled into a world of forgotten gods and ancient demons.
By Kaya Kurdak        


Tower of the Time Thief
Players are begged by townsfolk to investigate an accursed clock tower on the outskirts of town. Large sums of money, gifts, and praise are offered as rewards.
By Zach Trent, Adam Nyhoff, and Noah Morriss


The Damned Colony of Japheth III
Far from earth and a thousand years in the future, ride across a savage wasteland in a powerful Landmaster in search of a lost colony on a planet plagued by marauders, mutants, and worse. 
By Ray Pompon

Let yourself be led by destiny along the paths of the emerged lands. You face the dangers and find your way to your final destination.
By Marco Salogni


Crime at Carapascire
Deep in the earth lies the grand Chitin capitol of Carapascire, a bustling tight knit land of anthropomorphic insect folk. However, recent dark violent crimes have plagued this subterranean city...
By Steffen Blake


Medusas Prison
Medusa has been imprisoned in a pocket dimension by an order of religious zealots. She longs to be free and plots her revenge while she waits for someone to open the gate to her lair. She is certain they will come, lured by the magical items she is famed for creating or the prestige of slaying the Gorgon, but she is ready, her doppelgangers are ready, the traps are if someone would just open the gate.
By Rachel Adams

Old Man Azimuth's Map
Azimuth was a local prospector who explored an abandoned copper mine. At the bottom he found a diamond “as big as the moon” that was too big to get out of the mine by himself.
He drew a map of the mine but he could never get a crew together to retrieve this “Moon diamond” before he past away.
By Larry Z. Pennyworth

The Crumbling Temple
"A grand temple to the dragon goddess Tiamat was erected on an isolated mountain peak, its existence a closely guarded secret. Word of the shrine reached devotees of Bahamut who staged an attack. The forces of the Platinum Dragon converged on the temple, slaughtering all within. A great earthquake summoned by Bahamut ripped a void into the mountain, swallowing the temple whole, leaving no trace on the surface except a shattered mountain peak.

A mining party from a dwarven city accidentally uncovered the temple during their operations. Both the original mining party and the subsequent rescue team have not been seen since they entered. The mining operation was put on hold, and word of a curse has begun to spread around the city. Your party must enter the temple, find the truth of what happened to the lost dwarves, and uncover what lurks within the Crumbling Temple."
By Leah Huemmrich, Jenn Kearney, Denny Petronio    



Unseen Hall
Explore an Illusionist's lair where all the monsters are invisible. Figure out the convoluted visibility ray to protect yourself from unseen dangers.
By Robin Gibson of Metal Snail Idea Workshop


The Eternal Construction Site
For over twenty years the work on the town hall has been frozen in perpetuity. Each dawn whatever progress has been made vanishes away, and the toil of never tiring golem workers begins anew. So far, all attempts to investigate the mystery have ended in a series of eerie mishaps – will the adventurers fare better than their predecessors and be able to break the enchantment laying upon this place?
By Gregor Belogour


The old artificer is well known for collecting gems. However, he was never seen wearing some. Local folks say there should be a hidden cache below his house full of precious gems!  
By Andrey Plisko of SmashStar Games


The Mire of Regret
Good news: the source of the disease scouring the countryside has been located!   Bad news: it’s at the bottom of a swamp.  Through titanic effort, locals have managed to drain the lake in the swamp’s center, exposing the decayed mansion of a once-renowned Alchemist.  But hurry!  The tide is rising…
By P. Aaron Potter




Tomb of Treasures
The Tomb of Treasures is a wretched place. Foul monsters and vast treasures fill it crypts. Those who wish to risk their lives for riches will never be seen again. Your screams will not be heard. You death will be slow. You will not survive. Lost forever to the Tomb of Treasures.
By John J. Earegood

Dungeon of the Ape
Inspired by classic dungeons of the ‘70s and ‘80s, this dungeon incorporates atmospheric narrative elements, dangerous and unique monsters, and a rich background — oh, and lots of gold.
By David Stucker with cartographer and content contributor Austin Rode    

Fangs Under the Earth
A sudden and unpleasant discovery, this small crypt may be included in any wilderness setting or hexcrawl. The vampire it holds atypically gained undeath through a vile demonic curse, still present.
By Austin Rode and David Stucker

The Frozen Mirror

An ornate mirror in a strangely chilled room opens a portal to a dead, frozen land. Once through, the players must solve the puzzle of how to escape before they too freeze.

by Kelsie McEntire

Shooting Star
This is a short adventure that can happen in any high-fantasy medieval town. It contains the description of some creatures that have fallen from outer space into the otherwise peaceful town, a short description of the town itself and some encounters to spice up the imagination of the GM. 
By Dani Costa            

The Volcanic Vault of the Forge Father
In ages long past, the Dwarven Sorcerer-Priest Hargen the Seven-Crowned stole a fragment of the Elemental Plane of Fire. Using this stolen power, he built a hidden vault deep within the earth. A volcano formed around the Shard, and in his volcanic vault, he forged many  great and terrible weapons, to war with the Gods themselves. However, exposure to the raw power of the Fire Shard corrupted the dwarves, twisting them into ferocious Ash Ghouls. With the last of his power, Hargen sealed the vaults. However, recent volcanic activity has caused the tunnels to reopen, and eager adventurers are taking the opportunity to plunder its depths before it is drowned in lava.
By Scott Jarvis

Taleisin's Tower
This is a small family friendly adventure. It might be placed in any fantasy setting. It's designed to be solved without the necessity for combat, although things might well escalate and some fighting might occur. Also, there's a dragon and a very small dungeon.
By Wanderer Bill

The Grim Greenhouse
Mr. Eldwick is known for two things: his skill in breeding rare flora and his mastery in brewing powerful potions using his plants. Mr. Eldwick keeps to his home, only showing up in town once a month to sell his potions. However, Mr. Eldwick has not been seen in quite some time, and the townspeople are worried. The party has been sent to investigate.
By Stephanie Yang

The Tower of Golden Sands
 The witch's flying tower is a legend - stories have been told for generations about the building in the shape of an hourglass. In the past week, though, something seems wrong...
 By Apostolos Spiliotopoulos with Daphne Chatira (Illustrator)        

The Goblin Thief
A little green creature steals the most valuable thing you have, runs away and disappears in a cellar beneath a worn down building ...
By Herr Zinnling with Lina (Illustrator)


Opik's Magnificiently Damning Door Bravery
This little supplement adds a vault to your dungeon that is protected by two puzzle modules and helps the local response teams to assess the threat the intruders pose. Opik‘s guarantee on that!
By Jens Durke of Disoriented Ranger Publishing


In Search of the Magic of Doom
Searching for the legendary magic tome, The Magic of Doom, which contains the secrets of Doomspeak and 39 Doomspeak spells.
By redwyrmling and redwyrm


The Paper Nest of Gabbro Grove
Around a hermitage carved into a colossal petrified tree, paper wasps have built a nest, and in the hermitage dwells the sorcerous scribe Marinzel, suspected of stealing four vital written works ... which you are tasked with retrieving!
By Roger SG Sorolla

A Midwinter's Nightmare
Everyone knows that you should stay indoors on Midwinter’s Eve, but some desperation or bad luck has you travelling through the deep woods to the nearest town tonight. A howling storm broken occasionally by dazzling borealis signals the beginning of the Wild Hunt, led by the fey lord Herne, and all the creatures of faerie coming out to join. Can you make it through the forest in time?
By Ben Grunzel            

No stone unturned
The mad dwarven geomancer dr. Livingstone has taken refuge in the some magical caves to enact a dread ritual. Fight through this constantly changing cave system to stop his evil doings before he unleashes doom upon the overworld. This cave system is living dice drop table waiting to be explored. 
By Asbjørn Ørnemark Lægdsmand            

Besieged by the Witch-Kings! A land ravaged by hostile  armies! Can your PC's turn the tides of war and win the day for CALABRIA IMPERILLED!
By Grant Lambe with Adam Chafe (Art and layout)        

Frontier Forest!!!
You have to survive this dark forest alone after everyone let you down!
By tonnsoflove and small onion        


Kill Several Demons
Beneath a barrow, locked behind golden doors for untold centuries, demons frolic and brawl. They are creatures of entropy and chaos and reality frays in their presence. 

This little dungeon is usable as a one-shot or wherever a small, demon-infested sublevel might come in handy.
By Matt L. (Deadtreenoshelter)

Gunpowder & Goblins
Add an explosive kick to your adventures.
Goblins have taken up arms that far exceed anything they could create themselves. Who knows what secrets lie below their long abandoned mine?
By Louis Lucien

The Wandering Manor of Zekame
Through the wastes and the moores walks the wandering manor. Borne atop great feline legs it houses the feared warlock Zekame, though it has been long since he last terrorized the world. What riches and abominations could lurk in a place such as this?
By Max MacDonald


The Tale
Under the earth, in the deep. Older than any kingdom, older than any word. A voice in the dark, a shadow in the soul. Beyond the Night Sea, where gods are silent. The serpent coils, the dragon hides. Sleeping, dreaming…
By pogo

Unholy Hall of the Huntsman King
Foolish Branwen was caught poaching in Cruel King Cwyll’s Woods. Her mother the Duchess offers 1,000 gold for her rescue from his hated halls, but haste! Haste ere she is forced to drink from the cursed Chalice and become his prey!
By Yusef Shari'ati

The Lair of the Hat Witch
What sounds like a standard adventure to save the prince takes an odd turn when various hats are found all around the caves... and a mysterious woman running a haberdashery.
By Bralex Adley

All contestants who submit an entry into the One Page Dungeon Contest will receive a complimentary copy of the 2021 Compendium.  A dungeon collection with all of the year's encounters, adventures, and dangerous dungeons. 

zine cover.png

The "Winner's Circle" will receive a print copy of 'One Hour TTRPG Prep' donated  and shipped by Spiel Knights.

Greetings Adventurers,

The 2021 One Page Dungeon Contest is in July!

More details and information will be forthcoming, but here’s what you need to know for right now.

1. The One Page Dungeon Contest will be taking place during the month of July. You can submit your dungeon until July 31st 2021.  Submission instructions will be provided in July.

2. You're welcome to collaborate with others for writing, illustrations, layout, and other aspects of the contest. One submission per author.

3. Dungeons are limited to a single page.  The submitted item should be a PDF not exceed 10 MB in size.  We're assuming an 8.5"x11" or A4 size.  It can be oriented in portrait or landscape.

4. The dungeon and it's contents must be an original creation.  It must be your own work.

5. All entrants will receive a copy of the 2021 One Page Dungeon Compendium.

That's the news for now.  We're looking for additional partners for prizes and judges.  If this is something you are able to help with, please get in touch.  


Greetings Adventurers,

The One Page Dungeon Contest is on once again this summer. 

We're in the process of changing the guard.  Thank you very much to Aaron for all of his past work and organizing the event over the past four years.  My Name is Todd and I'll be picking up the torch to organize this year's event.  Details coming soon as to the exact dates and details of the contest.  In the meantime, you can begin working on your one page dungeon entry. The writing, the drawing, the mapmaking, the layout, and the planning - anything you do to make your dungeon dangerous, terrifying or magical can commence.

We'll have a further update within the next week, stay tuned!