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The One Page Dungeon Contest is back for 2023. Every year, we bring together RPG designers from all over the world to create, play, and judge one-page role-playing game adventures.

The 2023 contest will run from July 1st to July 31st.

To participate,  create a one page dungeon adventure and submit it your entry. Once submitted, all the entries will be judged by a panel of experts. So, if you're looking for an exciting challenge and want to show off your creativity and RPG skills - we can't wait to see what you create.

- Todd

Our contest is open to anyone, anywhere, and submissions are completely free. All you need is a great idea and the motivation to make it happen. Submit now and join the adventure

2023 Submissions

"And Still They Rise"


The theme for the 2023 One Page Dungeon Contest is 'And Still They Rise.' Let your imagination soar as you interpret this theme in any way. Whether you choose to design a dungeon teeming with indomitable foes who continuously return, an enchanting labyrinth with intricate gravity that defies logic and reason, or a hidden sanctuary where forgotten heroes ascend, the possibilities are endless. Use the theme of 'And Still They Rise' as your guiding light, allowing it to inspire you to craft an extraordinary and unforgettable one-page dungeon submission that will leave both players and judges in awe.

Awards and Categories
Winners' Circle & Honarable Mentions

The judges will be awarding the following:

Overall Winner

Runner Up

Youth Winner

Best in Theme

~10 Winners' Circle Entries

Honorable Mentions

The best in theme and youth prizes are recognitions that might be in addition to the others. For example, someone could win Best in Theme and be the overall winner.

Sponsors and Prizes

Dungeon Contest - Over $750 will be distributed to winning entries.  The amounts will be delivered through Paypal.  The prize money is the proceeds of the 2021 and 2022 Compendium.  The 2023 Compendium will be available free of charge to all participants.  

Spiel Knights - The contest winners (including the winners' circle) will receive a print copy of 'Aarlstrom's Magical Wand Shop' donated and shipped by Spiel Knights.  All participants will receive a digital copy of "One Hour TTRPG Prep" 

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2023 OPDC Submissions

Submissions will be show here througout July

rise of a king

gamification of a vietnamese mith. the returned sword

Alessandro Arcari

Marco Arcari

instagram @giovani_dragoni

Idogall's Lighthouse

An old abandoned light house once run by a hedge mage. Its magical light is flickering creating a pressing danger to passing ships. What no one knows is the tower can fly and setting foot in it causes the lighthouse to soar up into the sky.

Tyler Monahan

Mayhem of Tergg

BOOM! The walls are rent to smithereens in the wake of the Humans' artillery: GIANT SQUID. How did we end up here? Simple: we commandeered the Orcish Siege Tower named the "Tergg" to infiltrate the human city Oldivol. It's bloody, fantastical, motorized mayhem. WAIT! TURN LEFT! LEFT----

Ian Kang

Paulo Kang - Artist

What's this dam thing?

A racoon adventure against a dam that still rise.

François Corvaisier

Limack's House of Houses

The dollhouse captures every detail of the mansion around it, including an even smaller dollhouse. The diminishing heroes fall through a depthless parade of playsets.

Jacob Cordeiro

Professor Jacquel's Perfect Tincture

Professor Jaquel’s Anatomy Theatre caught fire last night. Housing a collection of rare and valuable books, artifacts and specimens, it now stands a smoking ruin, guarded by the police. It’s eponymous anatomist, Professor Jaquel along with his scholars, are missing.

Scott Parker

The Ice Airs

An airship carrying refugee families loses its pilot, and begins an uncontrolled ascent into the Ice Airs, where the air is too thin, and so cold ships’ balloons become encrusted in ice. The Princess calls for volunteers. Are you willing to risk it all in a daring rescue against impossible odds?

David Doughty

Channon Doughty, Editor

A Spark of the Past

A metal tree erupts from a small island in the middle of a lake. Its rusting roots lead deep into a cave system filled with alchemical wonders, including their ancient creator, still asleep and awaiting the future to awaken them.


Whispering Bakery

Villagers have been disappearing lately and the only thing they all have in common is a small bakery they've been known to frequent. An eccentric baker is hardly a prime suspect but you decide to investigate the bakery nonetheless.

Tatu Niittykangas

The Inn With No Out

A magical mishap has turned the Inn into a deadly trap. Venture inside, find the source of this mess and destroy it before the innkeeper goes bankrupt!

Danilo Erdeljan

Tower of Oximai the Undying

What awaits in the mighty tower atop the mountain Hochspeer? Dozens of brain eating primates and the reincarnating wizard they feed upon.

Morris Hansing

Mr. Korrigs library

Mr. Korrig's library is a massive library inside a beanstalk that goes above the clouds and beyond. It is managed by the storm giant Mr. Korrig who never allows anyone past the third floor but when he goes missing rumors start to spread of powerful magic tomes and other riches high in the beanstalk.

Henry Ferris(14)

City mineshaft

A mineshaft that dug into the ancient temple of "Goldius, the god of gold" who was contained in the gauntlet and boots of a fallen adventurer.

Chase Peterson

illustrated by: Charlie Peterson

Ascension to Apotheosis

You have been chosen by the recently deceased chieftain to carry their corpse to the top of the mountain. Should you succeed, they will be made into a god, though none have managed to claim such high honour. Perhaps you will be the first to ascend through the mountain’s trials.

Hunter Charest

Obliesk, Artist

Ascend Nousta's Tower

The party ascends an abandoned tower with the aid of the Staff of Centuria, which allows them to move between Past and Present versions of the tower, each with their own challenges and rewards!

Jaclyn Lewis


Temple of the Tides

A local temple dedicated to the goddess of the tides has become corrupted. Explore the temple and find the cause! Cut out the temple and form a pyramid for a 3d map to explore, but be quick. The water levels threaten all within, and the tide, they still rise.

Matthew Peerce

After the Fall

Among the loose gravel and melted ice on a hillside, the entrance of a cave has been exposed by a recent landslide. Now the forgotten things from the distant past have been brought to light once more.

Austin Rode

David Stucker (co-writer)

Titan Skull Dungeon

In a remote area of the land, an ancient god was slain leaving only its magical body behind. Over time, the body decomposed and was swallowed by the earth... until one day it was discovered by an archlich named Lord Vale who decided to make the ancient skull his lair.


Redwyrm - editor

The Swarm, The Spore, and the Root

A shrine built atop a wellspring of pure water has been corrupted and its draconic protector possessed by a trio of digestive demons—only by dispelling the rot can the well be made safe once again!

Tallis Clark

Returning a God's possession

A abandoned temple to the scornful god of memory, Emarus has had relic stolen. Until it is returned, the dead return no matter how many times they've been struck down.

Kevin Hinson

A "Quick-and-Easy" 5-Step Multi-Level Monument to Self Help

No one likes mega-corporations! They’re bad enough in real life and they certainly have no place in your fantasy world! Gather your friends together to take down the evil Mr. Vilderbrandt and the corporate greed of UP Co.

Connor & Evan Murphy

Trapped in the Amethyst Death Mine!

Tricked by a dastardly Necromancer! Alone in the Dark! A Hungering Swarm stalks their every move! Can our adventurers survive?

Adam Chafe

And Still We Rise

Our planet is a flat disk perpetually moving upward in space. Suddenly, the news breaks that we have discovered an existential threat, and there's limited time to save the world!



The Altar of the Wicked One

See Dungeon Page

Xavier Train-Jimenez

The Temple of Lost Bread

A wizard in grief entombs their bakery after their partner and all other inside fall to a stange fliction while they were away. The stone monument to lost love and bread now rests in the heart of a mountain waiting for it's contents to rise again...

Shawn Connor

Always Rising

You've stumbled on a ship: in space, on a planet, or docked at a station. The twist is that the ship has a smooth corridor all the way up the rocket, and micro-gravity floats you upward… always rising! There’s combat, a puzzle, & possible conversations with the ship’s consciousness or AI. Enjoy!

David Gayer

Will Gayer: proof-reader

The Rise of the Yeast Demon

The Silver Sword Bakery is under attack! A yeast demon has been summoned and is commanding his yeast monsters to destroy the bakery. Will adventurers fight, eat, and rise to the challenge in this thrilling dungeon?

Cameron Badnell

This Elevator is Going Up

You are riding in an elevator, jammed between total strangers, when your elevator car suddenly begins to rise at an alarming rate. Your task is to figure out why this is happening and stop the car before it slams into the ceiling and kills you all.


Bettie Krocker

Rumors of a long-abandoned wizard’s den in the side of a mountain tells of riches beyond anyone's wildest dreams. Once risen to the occasion the players are in for a treat. As they search of a slice of the riches they will uncover a forgotten history as well as a batter they won't forget.

Michelle Boivin - Carriere

Cottage Bread Canyon

Not too far away and not too many years ago, the town of Holly Wood was the breadbasket of all the north. A land of plenty and pastry and pattycakes galore, every baker's dream. Until the giant came... Will our heroes be able to bake a bread of escape and "Rise" to occasion?

Russell Scarola

Connie Earl, Artwork Jalen Scarola, Creative Input Liam Vezino, Creative Input

Chest Chance Cave

Your enemies’ kingdom is supposed to have treasures galore inside of the royal palace, and your king has tasked you and your friends the extremely dangerous mission of raiding it. Sneak beneath the throne and solve the secrets beneath!

Jenner Scarola

Russell Scarola (mild editing and help formatting for submission)

And still we Rise. How the Ukanda reach Adulthood.

Our young adventurers have recently reached their 14th summer season together. As with all of those who have come before them, they must now enter the testing tower together and find their way to rise to the top where they will become full members of their community.

Jalen Scarola

Russell Scarola (editing and formatting)

The Pyramid

A Temple to a forgotten god is under attack by the forces of evil

Eternal Torch

Trials of Fire

Silence hangs over the town. The people are bereft of the fire that kindles their spirits and a handful of champions must take an oath to breach the celestial gates. But can they endure the trials or will their own spirits give up as well? "Trials of Fire" is a dungeon made for high LvL Characters

Nikolaos Themistoklis Parousis



The wizard Zegrin has hired your group to retrieve a shard of the FIRE CRYSTAL from the Realm of Flames. Will you risk it all to complete your task or get burned ?

John Earegood

The Tower of Nothingness

Players confront the results of nihilistic magic experiments ona dead planet of Haara, and eventually meet the planet's bane - a wizard name Idrazil.

Marcin Łączyński

Death of the Fairy Princess

A fairy-elf princess, her dinner party, and her manor are trapped within a bubble of perpetual dawn. A time loop preserved by her own murder! Revisit key events to solve, and finally end, the mysterious death of the fairy princess.

Rambling Wizard

The Once and Future Chief

Located under a mound rising from the grasslands, the tomb of Caladhac – chieftain and first high king, thought to return one day to lead his people in times of great strife – is rumored to hold great treasures or the ancient secrets of the druids.

David Stucker

Austin Rode (co-writer)

Never May We Part

The witch isn't evil, she's just really unethical. A demon engine in the deepest pit fuels a powerful magic in the chapel above. Can you survive disrupting the witch's ritual? And what dark thing does she beckon from the depths of hell?

Bo Ryan Crum

Arthur Smid - Proofreading, Nick Evano - Proofreading


R.A.T.S. Up The Well

Humanity's last home at the top of a space elevator.

Ian Eller

Mark Madden, Art and Layout

Gods Will Be Watching

A majestic mountain Alodiel, shrouded in legend, it lures brave and the bold with its insurmountable status. Gazed upon with reverence, promising vast riches and most secret knowledge. Are you a group of so-called Fools, who will attempt the climb?

Julian Stanczak

The Pyramid of the Gods

The Pyramid of the gods was built long ago to test heroes seeking power and knowledge. The dungeon is designed to be cut out and taped together making a 3d dungeon the players can see and interact with as they attempt to solve it's puzzles and navigate it's traps.

William Johnson

Dusty Johnson, Editor and Front Door Riddle Designer; Elyse Johnson, editor; Morgan Blake, Editor

Whispers from beneath

You stumble upon a chasm in the depths of the woods, legend has it there is treasure inside. But there is a strong windflow threathening all who try to descend. Can you claim the treasure before the wind claims you?

Benny Raimondi

Enemy Mine

A mis-timed explosion breaches Crooked Tree Mine as something rises from the deep. It starts with a rumble. Then the tunnels go dark with only the glow of purple Cetus ore to light your path. Players have no choice but to climb out and into the safety of the Warden’s Camp.

Rebecca Bennett

Emily Yu, Illustrator

Retake the Temple of the Sun God

The Temple of the Sun God has been invaded by a druid, who is using the place to make sacrifices to a dark entity. Can your group retake the sacred site?

Gustavo F. Pedroso

The Stygian Coil: Secrets of the Azagathalus Wyrms

Everyone in the remote village of Prunt has disappeared except for Zora, drunk and hysterical, in The Hot Duck pub. "They're all DEAD! Taken away by DEATH WORMS!" Is that purple blood on the ground?

Ramsey Hong

Containment Bay

Explore the Old One’s abandoned Magitek facility and uncover the dark secret behind their ancient infinite power source. Encounter remnants of past experiments, malfunctioning security systems, and bag forgotten treasures.

Grace .A

Honey Laundering

John Dough has committed the greatest sin that bees can articulate: Honey Laundering. It's not clear where he's getting the honey from. It's not clear why he's doing this. But the bees will pay whatever it takes to put a stop to this shady buzziness.

John MacAree

Dungeon Of The Lonesome God

A staircase going down in the hills enters the tomb of the Lonesome God. It's easy to get in, getting out alive takes a little adventuring.

John Kaniecki


The Morphing Caves

An alien spacecraft crashed eons ago in the mountains. Recently, an expedition of dwarves has begun excavating the strange metal emerging from the wreckage. Beware the dangers of the Morphing Caves!

Michal Budzinski

The Shadow in the Sun

You wake up in a room full of diamonds. A sun being tells you that you have to help him and his people to save the sun from the shadow creatures …

Lina (15), Hendrik (13) and Joaquín (11)

Curse of the Immortal Isle

Long ago, a sect of clerics sealed away the demigod of death, dooming those on Ewig Isle to never die! Curse of the Immortal Isle is a dungeon crawl where neither the party nor foes can die. Face traps laid centuries ago, overcome obstacles through grave methods, and outsmart unkillable enemies.

Jack Oatway

Evil Debt!

Are you a GM too busy for game prep tonight? Force your players to pay their dues in a grave digging game called Evil Debt! And find out if they can handle the rising costs of being an adventurer!

Josh Archer

Mallory Archer, amazing wife and game tester

The Goblithopter of Skul-Uk

The goblin necromancer Skul-Uk has kidnapped Concord Cobaltcap and forced them to assist in the construction of a great and terrible Goblithopter!

Chris Landergan


Temple of the Three Suns

A temple on a distant world that orbits three suns. You have three days to solve the temple’s puzzles based on the sunlight that shines in through the temple’s windows.

Eshan Mitra

Into The Shade

The Shade is a dark forest, inhabited by an Evil Witch who has cursed the village of Hiford into an eternal sleep so that she can steal the children. Players must find the components to break the curse, defeat the Witch, and help the townsfolk "Rise and Shine."

David Huffman

Alisha Huffman - Co-Maker

The Primordial Library of Elemental Wisdom

Dive deep into the lost library of Elemental Wisdom. Your party arrives at a long lost library on the forgotten rim of an ancient civilization. Your exploration uncovers an ancient primordial riddle. Do you have what it takes to solve the riddle and make it out alive? Will you die or will you rise?

C. S. Taylor


Raising Agents

In Raising Agents, players must prove their baking knowledge by using four leaveners to navigate an abandoned test kitchen, ice off an angry cake, and retrieve the last recipe of a celebrated chef.

Andrew Foglia

Ben Hurt (map art) and Michelle Wilson (graphic design)

A Mission in Time

Inspired by the cult classics of the 80s and 90s, "A Mission in Time" is an adventure that delves into the fourth dimension where you will play with time paradoxes and fight against evil cultists, mutants and cyborgs, who are about to destroy the world led by a mysterious entity.

Cannadark and Dissenso Cognitivo

Keep of the Troll King

Desperate villagers ask the heroes to assassinate Molar, the troll king that lives in his keep in the mountains.

Larry Z. Pennyworth

The Tomb Of The Sorcerers

The adventurers have been sent on a mission to steal an ancient artifact from the Tomb of the Sorcerers.

Jamie Olsen

Karl Olsen-editing help

The Lighthouse

As we washed ashore, The Lighthouse was standing upon us. Determined to rise through it and go back home but we could never imagine what horrors were ahead. We were destined to rise again, but how?

Algan Coskun

Crypte Du Pain

Delve into the dangerous Crypte Du Pain! Fight fearsome flour-flaired foes! Stop the NecroBakers from raising their giant Dough Abomination from the Pit-a' Despair. Don't loaf around—start the adventure today!

Ali McDonald

Revenant's Rest

Tomb built by a knight for him and his party members, now in the process of being raided by a nobleman adventurer as a renvenge for what the knight had done to his ancestors, and for his magic sword.


The Relentless Dead

This adventure combines a traditional interpretation of the prompt, the rising of undead soldiers, within the backdrop of an escape room inspired puzzle dungeon. The undead protecting this room rise again when slain, more powerful than before. Can the players escape before they are overwhelmed?

Matthew Bulleyment

Orran Robb (Co - Author)

The Perpetual Tower of Al-Galar

As the prophecy goes, the characters who enter the Tower of Al-Galar are bound to ascend through the ever-changing floors of the edifice, leaving their fate to the dice and their ability to fight.



They say there's a hoard of gold and treasure in the flooded mine but no one reckless enough to brave its depths has ever returned. What is lurking in the flooded pit?

Andrew Cavanagh

Temple of Sorrows

A fairly short dungeon, which is set up as a race against time, because the enemies within can't actually be defeated, just put down for a few moments because of the macguffin constantly reanimates them (and any fallen PCs) seconds after they fall.

Jason R Murray


Delta 1

On a hot summer's day, a strange object flies towards the town crewed by grey aliens. They seek to abduct the inhabitants of the town, but you managed to sneak in and must stop the aliens.

David Nash

Kobold Recall

Dead kobolds in a wizard’s castle. A quirky pass-the-parcel battle royale adventure for 3 to 4 anxious kobolds. No character sheets required - you are the monsters! Or rather, you were the monsters…

Andrew Walker

the Tomb of the Loot

There is a legend amongst the adventurers of a place filled with all the riches of their fallen brethren. But the legend fails to mention this cursed place is filled with their bodies and greed as well.

Oleg Šuran

Veseljko Bašić (comments and overall support), Oleg Morović and Adi Franković (test players)

The Temple of the Void Skull

A mini-siege town adventure with a dark mystery, houses full of zombies, and a glowing skull. Great for a travel encounter, a sandbox campaign, or 1 shot play.

Kyle Bingham

Brendan Travers - Co-Author

Crypt of the Pitiful Scion

House Grimhilde was a wicked noble family, and they suffered great ruin. The last of their line is said to haunt the crypt below their ruined manor, surrounded by the enchantments his family used to spit in the face of life itself. Will you survive to claim their ill-gotten treasure for yourself?

Abdullahi Sheikh

Map by Dyson Logos

Le acque salgono

fantasy sequel of the mith of the frog and tha rain. frogfolks use the gift to make rain all the rime and flood. as amphibious they can rise over othe humanoids,

Arianna Arcari

Marco Arcari from verbal to page

IG @giovani_dragoni

On The Rise

Set in the On The Rise bakery. The baker has been driven out by magically infused bread caused by the broken Compass of Ways. Find the Compass and destroy it by throwing it into the infused oven.

P.J. England

They Dug Too Deep

Dwarves miners found a precious gem deposit. Unfortunately, their greed led them to dig too deep... Upon opening the walls of an unholy temple, the group of miners accidentally released an undying creature that decimated everyone.

Felipe Tuller

Miguel Melo - Cartography and Illustrations

Anchors of the Lich Sphere

The Lich Yugralla built a spherical dungeon to house her phylactery and her treasure. She bound monsters to magical Anchors which expand when the dungeon is attacked ensuring its defence.

Guy MacDonnell

Jessica Belm, Artist

Temple of the Sun

The characters stumble into the Temple of the Sun. They must face its challenges and recover the four elemental gems to unlock its treasure.

Brandon Evans

A Good Night's Sleep

A spell gone awry, a village unable to rest, a wizard locked in slumber. Hidden treasure and a drowned crystal. Will anyone get a Good Night's Sleep?

John Orndorff

Still The Flames Rise

Players must apprehend an important government official from their home while it is engulfed in the fire of a red dragon

T. Gumm

B. OConnell Co-Author

Yay! We won! So now what?

You managed to slay the Dracolich! The battle was action packed and you all looked super cool, but the ruins collapsed, sending you all tumbling down into the flooded cavern below. Now the water seems to be quickly rising around you. Time to find a way out, while hauling as much treasure as you can!

Justin Evans

The Dungeon of Resurrection

This dungeon is sought by adventurers who cannot afford other means of resurrecting a fallen comrade. Any body brought into the dungeon disappears and is usually found outside the dungeon after, alive and well. The dungeon causes fear and terror as few who enter are sure they will return.

Enoch Bauer

Midsomer Goblins

After visiting the Vultire Inn a group of adventurers awake without their equipment I'm a strange maze ran by an evil wizard.

Mark Love

Jacob's Landing

A dice drop derelict space station generator

David H. K. Jackson

Horse Cave

A meta-horror encounter and dungeon. What is going on with this horse?


Skelevator Pits

Somewhere in the wilderness, a death cult is amassing wealth and power, biding their time before they unleash their dark designs on the world. Their lair is a complicated maze of tunnels which can be more or less bypassed completely by a pair of incredibly slow elevators.

Robin Gibson

Yiggna-Tal: The Time Tangled Tree

The hermitage of Yiggna-Tal, once meticulously tended by its former gardener, now languishes in a state of decay and neglect. The wild and untamed vegetation, once carefully cultivated, now runs rampant, reclaiming the ruins and rising triumphantly amidst the rubble.

Dylan Barker

The Musical Arts

Guide 3 to 6 medieval musicians to a series of challenges. Can be played alone, or at several players, in collaborative or competitive mode.

Charles-Albert Lehalle

Unbidden Ascent

Cultists completed the rituals a month ago, and no one had any clue. We watched the tentacled horrors of the Ancient Ones rise up. We saw the end of everything. You have been summoned to the Templum Omnium and given a mission to save the last vestiges of humanity. Will you answer the call?

Roger A Speer Jr


A place for all dead characters too special to just let go and more important than a roll.

Ryan Paul Kelley

Those Dreaded Eyes of Mine

The Draker Dwarves discovered a vein of glittering gold and mined it deep, but something was waiting within that cosmic metal, something with a hunger for sight.

Mitch Hyde

A Scribe's Torment

A SCRIBE'S TORMENT is a brief adventure fueled by chaos. Adventurers seek to determine what happened to famous author Faustus Quilliam, who has been increasingly reclusive in past weeks.

Mark Ezra Stokes

Keep Of The Necro-Knight

The locals grow weary of their ruler, the Necro-Knight, and they want him dealt with.

Edward E. Sutton

Cartography by Dyson Logos

5 Feet High and Rising

Deep beneath the bustling city streets lies a derelict temple devoted to a long forgotten god. The walls adorned with faded symbols and fractured murals depicting the deity's terrifying power. Echoes linger, hinting at a monstrous presence that guards it's secrets.

Tom (Tremendous) Martin

Resurrection Rescue

A mysterious, glowing woman asks you to recover her nieces’ bodies from a dungeon in the mountains. If the nieces enter cocoons, they will resurrect. Her sister will grant a wish if you succeed.

Riley Duffield

DiosYubi (illustrator)

You're Trapped in a Bag of Holding!

Sizes are screwy in here. And where's that key?

Sam Seer

Recipe for Adventure - Rise of the Undought

A Necromancers evil plan to asphyxiate a town in bonedust meets an overzealous baker, mayhem ensues and the heroes are thrown into the middle. Presented as a recipe in 4 courses.

Daniel "Salynrad" Sluschny

The Ghosts of Aramoor

Tortured spirits torment the folk of Aramoor. The ghosts of long dead pirates seek to take treasure back to the hold of their ship, hidden in a sea cave. Can the heroes put the tortured souls to rest?

Jason Renslow

The Celestial Spark

In the frozen outskirts of a humble village, something has fallen from the cosmos. Its otherworldly heat boils the river and threatens to drown the village in a destructive flood. The city elders turn to brave adventurers, to uncover the source of this looming disaster.

Simone Biagini

The BorderReiver's Lost Secret

The Armstrongs have kept thier secret for over a century can you discover it?

Samuel Armstrong

Temple of Truth, Strength & Wisdom

Old abandoned temple. You must use wisdom to enter, strength to survive and truth to receive a reward.

Ed Oliver Jr

Grady Foley - Co-creator

The Harvester

The stars are turning red in the constellation of the Harvester. The sages believe that crops will fail should this continue. A mission to the Astral Sea is required to restart the lamps of the firmament. If the stars are re-lit perhaps the Harvester may still rise above a plentiful land....

Steve Kilian

Assault on the Spire

A science fantasy prison break. Rumors have reached your ears from a trusted contact that the master sorcerer Kelene Hestia survived the Exalted Overlord’s genocidal campaign against the Sorcerous Order and is being held prisoner at the Spire. It’s down to you to stage a rescue!

Josh Domanski

Gabriel Reich (editor)

Tiny in the Tower

The party has wronged a spiteful wizard! After casting a powerful shrinking spell, making everyone 8 inche tall, the wizard took them to his tower. He has locked the party in small cages on the first floor and made his way up the stairs. Will they find a way to reverse this terrible faith?

Teun Veekens

Andreas’ Unstoppable Bacchanalia

Party finds temple dedicated to a Saint of Revelry who partied so hard they died but that won't stop them from coming back and partying some more. Unfortunately, some Hungry Ghosts are looking to ruin the fun while the Players can compete to see if they can keep up with the Saint of Revelry.

Tyler Savoy

Dyson Logos, Homebrewery as Tools

The Crystal Of Emernod

The characters are in the service of the famous magician Master Hieronymus Nageldräscher and explore an ancient tower, but deep down it leads to a secret laboratory. Will the characters be able to solve the mysteries of the ruins and also escape them?

Sebastian Schenck


Use a magic wand to explore the worlds inside items. Change the world, change the item. Change the item, change the World. Inspired by Disgaea's Item World mechanic!


Sisyphus' Burdern

Sisyphus the Giant, cursed to endlessly push a rock up a mountain, faces hope as Boulder's Rest hires dwarf miners to break the curse. Mining during the day in a moving boulder, they used to clear out debris every night for months. Now, it's been a week since they've last be seen.

Adrien Nivaggioli

Sand Pit of the Immortal Snake

A cult dedicated to an evil snake deity has captured and thrown the players characters into the Sand Pit—a catacomb where an immortal giant snake stalks them. Will they find a way to escape, or will they become snake food like many before?

Bernardo de V. Shiguefuzi

Where is the Druid?

Shortly after the disappearance of the Druid, who took care of the town's residents, a monster emerged and started attacking the villagers. There have already been 2 deaths and 3 people missing. All the residents point to the entrance of the cave where they used to go to seek advice from the Druid.

Adrian Valente

Where is the Druid

Fall, Rise, Repeat

A one-page, vertical dungeon for players that believe themselves unworthy of death, seeking to rise once more and stand amongst the living.

Daniel James

Lair of the Lamentable Leech Lord

A 16 room dungeon based on a pun. It is set in the sewers beneath a city and features undead, secrets and a prisoner to rescue.

John Nash

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