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Built using the "Black Hack" by David Black, "The Wasted Hack" features four playable "classes", including Savages, Veterans, Scavengers, and Infected.

Set in a ruined world, nearly three generations after a great inter-dimensional cataclysm, where the remnants of humanity struggle to rebuild society one enclave, stronghold, or village at a time. 

The game features additional rules for mutations, firearms, and vehicles, and opponents range from homicidal robots and carnivorous lizard-folk to undead hordes and numerous raider clans.


Is a Post-Apocalyptic adventure "module" for use with "The Wasted Hack" as well as other OSR/ RPG's made using the "Black Hack" by David Black. The adventuring party must scour a roughly 150 mile hex of desert and mountainous terrain in search of a stolen baby. The hex, misleadingly referred to as "Bliss" is home to the fledgling settlment Unity, an ominous Mutant Stronghold, a roving band of raiders, and legend has it, the lost lair of a homicidal vigilante hell bent on purifying the world one mutated human at a time. 


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